ABC Cargo

From a clutter of paperworks, manual actions, untraceable errors, to complete Digitalisation of ABC Cargo: Renowned Cargo Service Provider in GCC!

We have delivered a cargo business management solution that simplifies bookings, operations, tracking and monitoring of goods that are to be delivered in real time. The way logistics businesses function is quite complicated, and we developed a solution which could improve operations and business management to unparalleled levels.

Management, processing, and tracking of a large number of goods across a range of routes, could be easily carried out by the cargo operators. Aids in the decision making process by generating accurate data and drafting reports on revenue while providing real life communication updates.


What was the real issue pricking them?
ABC Cargo followed a traditional business route map with every single task done manually. This resulted in hectic schedules, missed deadlines, massive errors in lodgements, miscommunication and limited tracking.


How did we tackle the problem?
We developed a complete Cargo ERP solution with a customer end app as well as the delivery partner app. We modularised the entire cargo and logistic solutions into operations, fleet management, reports, billing and invoice, shipment tracking, truck management and mobile apps. With each module, we developed each standalone unit and integrated them one by one to deliver a complete end solution.


What are the results?
Speaking about the results, the first noticeable output would be the complete digitisation of this complex and heavily clustered process. We could bring a significant drop in the delays and give users an easy fleet experience which was once a tiring job having dozens of paperworks.

Route map

What does the process look like?

Initially we dealt with Operation Module and integrated the Booking & Transshipment Details, Outgoing, Incoming Manifest, Run-sheet Preparation & Updating and POD update and Doc upload. Then for Fleet Management, we prepared units for Route Planning, GPS Tracking of Vehicles, View vehicle on map, Trip Sheet of Driver and Vehicle, Maintenance Plan and Performance History. We have automated MIS report generation for Incoming, Outgoing Manifest, Receiving and booking Report, Sales Report, Target Report, Run-sheet, Rate Master, Overall Count Report and Load Handling Report.

What does the final product deliver?

We have a fully functional customised mobile app for the user end for Bookings, Dispatch and Delivery status, POD status Update and Barcode Scanning of Consignments at Dispatch / Unloading.

Smooth, hassle free operations for the delivery partner.

Handle Bookings & Delivery Service Location and Branch creation.Potential Hub Management. Carry over the Rate Card for Normal and On A/c Customers. Conflict free Bookings, Dispatch, Delivery, POD update. Effective Consignment tracking.

Real time Shipment Tracking, Easy Billing and Invoice.

Visible tracking option on website. Perform Shipment internal tracking. Online tracking and Multiple tracking of the shipment made possible. Organised and clutter free billing and invoice process with Customer wise invoice, Doc Wise Invoice, Bill Submission and Invoice Tracking.

ABC Cargo has been a client presenting us with challenging tasks and we have tried our best to make their transition to the digital era smoothly and victoriously!

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