5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your New Website!

Long gone are the days when we used to hit a store just because our distant aunt couldn’t stop gushing over the great sales provided at the brand new store at Middletown Square. GenZ have a common beginner task of checking out the GMB profile of any outlet and arriving at a decision by themselves after checking the website. And just as you are thinking, some customers would have made their first impression regarding the website based on its overall user experience, checking out the inner pages for service listings, nearly impressed and moving onto the contact information, pretty reachable, and soon thinking about having a prior notion about the latest collection, things get radically slowed down with a faulty chatbox that automatically lags the interaction. And there you have missed a potential customer who could have made a successful conversion!

Weft would help you arrive at two important insights, based on this scenario:

  • regular site audit to check the overall functioning.
  • A new site section dedicated to the latest collection with newsletters to the mailboxes of the regular customers to alert them of the new stock in-house!

This is just one type of mishap that can happen to anybody who has maintained a website for their business. Weft, web application development company in Kerala, would love to share several instances of site mishaps that made you lose customers to your competitors!

  1. Your backlink profile hasn’t been audited.

There are a variety of reasons why your website strategy may be suffering from a bad backlink profile. You may have chosen an expired domain name that previously belonged to a spam account, causing your rating to plummet before you even started. Perhaps you were formerly a supporter of a backlink effort before Google’s Penguin upgrade.

  1. You don’t know where your company’s name is mentioned?

On the other hand, there may be plenty of opportunities for link-building. In this case, you’ll want to search the internet for brand recognition rather than backlinks. Then, if the author of the piece claims that your brand is trustworthy and well-known, you can contact them to inquire further.

  1. You haven’t made a commitment to a link-building strategy.

Requesting that webmasters count your connection to current content is the first step in a white-hat link-building campaign that you must devote yourself to if you want to get your website to the top of the SERP. With grades in mind, link building should begin. To match with, find and select different websites within your niche.

  1. You haven’t increased the number of local citations.

Local SEO is one of the easiest strategies to rank higher in search results, increase your online presence, and increase local traffic. The more verified locations you have, the more Google will trust your location, and the more likely you will be able to rank first in local searches. Being the town’s only specialist isn’t enough. You must ensure that search engines comprehend you so that users can find you when they are looking for you.

  1. Failure to maintain a mobile-friendly website

First and foremost, Google has already adopted a mobile-first index, implying that mobile-friendly websites are heavily prioritised on the search engine results page. Second, who wants to look at a website that isn’t optimised for mobile anyway?

To wrap up

When your website strategy is your business or your passion, you must ensure that everything is running well. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort, but the benefits are substantial. You want users to come across your site and interact with it on a regular basis. You want search engines to think highly of you. You want to increase brand recognition and strengthen your brand’s position. All of these objectives are intertwined and can be achieved through top website development companies  in Kerala.

Why should you use Flutter for mobile app development?

“There are butterflies fluttering in my stomach,” said Murphy, the developer. Every time the company that he worked for revised the programming stack, Murphy slipped into panic! But not after Flutter joined the ranks of cross-platform app development languages. Murphy and his crew of developers share the common opinion that “Flutter is going to stay and rule the roost for the coming years!” 

Are you puzzled by the collective accolades for a flutter? Let’s see how Flutter has changed the game for app developers!

Tracking the route back to Flutter

Building apps was expensive back when Objective C/Swift and Java/Kotlin were the dominant languages for mobile development. You had to create two distinct apps, which meant that you had to do the work twice.

To address this issue, numerous frameworks for creating hybrid (or cross-platform) apps in HTML5 and JavaScript have been developed. The Flutter framework has quickly gained popularity among developers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and users among cross-platform toolkits such as Phonegap, Xamarin, React Native, and others.

Keynotes about Flutter

Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit that allows you to create native-like apps for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. It employs the Dart programming language as well as Material Design and Cupertino widgets. Flutter programmers can create stunning user interfaces that look and feel native. Flutter is the only framework with a mobile SDK that supports responsive design without the use of a Javascript bridge, allowing it to compete with its cousin and direct competitor, React Native, in terms of performance. It works well with a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, MAC, Windows, and Google Fuchsia apps. The Dart programming language, which was also created by Google, forms the foundation for the Flutter SDK.

Why do we need Flutter?

Flutter is one of the greatest ways to create apps for Android and iOS without having to write code for each platform separately. These apps’ smartphone versions work as full native apps for Apple and Android smartphones and are built specifically for each platform before being released. They don’t require a browser or a runtime module. It is also feasible to construct web apps for browsers as well as native programmes for Windows, Linux, and macOS using the same codebase.

The Wizard of All cross-development App Languages: It’s All Widgets for Flutter

Flutter is a technology that is built on widgets. This means that object-oriented programming can be used on any element. One of the advantages of Flutter is the simplicity with which you can edit or customise widgets. It also includes UI widgets that meet certain requirements.

How did Flutter amass so many accolades?

We can say that the advantages of Flutter, compared to similar technologies, clearly outweigh its competitors. Read the following to analyse and comprehend the benefits catered to us by Flutter, as enlisted by Weft, providing the best flutter app development in Kerala.

  1. There is only one codebase for all platforms.

Gone are the days when you had to develop separate codes for Android and iOS devices. Flutter’s code reusability allows you to develop a single codebase that can be used not only on Android and iOS, but also on the web, desktop, and other platforms. This drastically reduces development time, eliminates costs, and allows you to publish your product much more quickly.

  1. The notion of “It’s all widgets” opens up a world of possibilities.

When it comes to designing beautiful aesthetics for your app, Flutter’s custom widgets are a dream come true. You don’t have to worry about the UI on different devices at the same time.

  1. Extensive library

Flutter makes use of the Skia Graphics Package, an open-source graphics library that is both fast and stable.

  1. Rapid testing and reloading

The hot reload feature speeds up the app development process. There’s no need to restart the app to see every change you make in the code when using Flutter. You may simply make changes in real time to your app, giving you more opportunities to experiment with the code and correct errors while on the go.

Looking for the right hands to develop a Flutter app?

Over the years, Weft has created a number of Flutter apps. We’ve used Flutter to create fantastic social media apps, service booking apps, productivity measurement apps, utility apps, product distribution apps, and healthcare apps. Despite the fact that the technology has only been around for a short time, we are excellent practitioners!

Contact Weft, the best mobile app development company in Kerala, for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities and benefits of using Flutter app development for your project.

Weft Technologies is a B2B Game Changer in India

Flexibility — that’s a luxury that every business really needs. When running a business, an owner or a manager must juggle multiple responsibilities, but sometimes, one person cannot handle everything. That’s where service providers like us come in. Here ta Weft Technologies, we provide a vast range of solutions to help you defy the odds.

We offer expert and efficient services like:

Headquartered in Kochi, India, our team is passionate about helping companies build simple yet impactful products. We want to allow them to focus on their operations while we bring in flexibility with our expertise. Because of our clients’ trust, we’ve been regarded as one of the go-to agencies on Clutch.

Clutch is a reputable B2B market research site based in Washington DC. The site allows millions of browsers to read through and learn more about the right service providers for their unique needs. According to the platform’s research, Weft Technologies is among the game-changing companies in India, highlighting our work in the advertising space. This distinction was made possible by the support and honest reviews of our clients.

As of writing, the Weft Technologies group has earned 6 amazing reviews that feature stellar ratings. We’re genuinely appreciative of the fact that our clients took the time to leave us their gracious feedback on Clutch. Their testimonials help us prove our ability to deliver and identify opportunities to grow further.

“What sets them apart is the quality of their work, their ability to deliver on time, and their cost. They’ve customized our approach to social media marketing, and our success rate is much higher than it would be if we’d just put an ad on Facebook. Our business is niche, but they’ve helped me reach the right customers.” — Director, Bases Inc

“The most impressive thing about this company is its level of professionalism. The way they have handled the development part with their limited knowledge of the vet industry is much appreciated.” — Marketing Coordinator, Eurovets Veterinary Suppliers

If you want to see the full scope of our services and see what else our clients say about us, please feel free to check out Weft Technologies’ Clutch vendor profile. Your support means the world to us. Thank you for entrusting us with your projects. Work with Weft Technologies and see for yourself why we’re an industry game-changer. Send us a chat and let’s talk about what’s next for your business.


With lockdowns settling down on us for more than a year, we had time to overlook ourselves and dust up our old passions and hobbies that had rusted due to the busy schedules! 

Soon after realizing how one could monetize something that they seemingly loved to do, things only started getting better, and today we have a great line of zealous and passionate people who run their small-scale businesses! 

After getting themselves into the club of entrepreneurship, sooner or later the trail of challenges started popping out, and one of them is “the challenge of visibility!”. In this age of booming competition, getting noticed in the first place is already half the battle won, and most drop their mission to successful entrepreneurship before it even takes off! 

After noticing how the world has flourished digitally, finding oneself a sweet spot in the digital space is the first go-getter, and the easiest way to ace it would be by launching a mobile app for your business venture! 

A mobile app can take your small business to unparalleled levels in terms of brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, and, most of all, conversions. Read from Weft Technologies, best app developers in Kerala, on why business owners need to catch on quickly.

Make Your Business Available Offline

One of the most significant benefits is that your users can still access your business even if they do not have internet connectivity. Because websites only work in an HTML context and require an Internet connection, web apps cannot provide this. Essentially, you bring your company closer to the people, no matter where they are. As important as having a physical presence for your business is, allowing your customers access to your business from anywhere is a valuable digital area.

Boost your brand’s visibility

Your brand is made up of everything that distinguishes you from other brands (your logo, colors, design, services, etc.). Including a mobile app in your digital marketing strategy is a smart method to raise brand awareness while also giving you an advantage over competitors who do not. You can use mobile apps to push out content and promotions to keep your customers informed and interested.

Boost Customer Satisfaction Scores

Although web apps have recently begun to resemble mobile apps, mobile apps are more user-friendly and give a faster way to finish tasks. GPS, WIFI, touchscreen interface, camera, internal memory, connecting technologies like Bluetooth, and connections are all used by mobile apps. All of these functions work together flawlessly in a mobile app, resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction. Consumers can use mobile apps to find information, multitask, and conduct work or play activities without needing to use the Internet or a desktop computer.

Improving Customer Retention

Data privacy and security are more important than ever. With so many cyberattacks and data breaches hitting businesses, it’s more important than ever to provide top-notch cybersecurity and data privacy services. Most customers choose mobile payment since it provides them with the confidence to shop and pay online. It offers individuals more confidence to share sensitive information because data is saved on their personal devices. They can also use biometric authentication to increase the security of their transaction.

Provide customization

You can also customize your mobile app service, which increases engagement and conversions. It helps a user to exhibit their personality when they may customize any product or service they use based on their preferences. You may also learn a lot about your consumers by watching how they customize your app. Using customer data appropriately and with their consent helps you to better customize your service and give items or services that they genuinely need or want.

On-demand service

With the use of mobile apps, on-demand businesses are better equipped to service their customers. If you own a small business, you need a mobile app to stay in touch with your customers — even during a global pandemic, you don’t have to close your doors because you’re out of the loop. Regardless of the circumstances, move your business online and establish a mobile app where you can still reach your customers and provide the finest on-demand service you can.

Build your Business with APP!

Mobile applications’ simplicity delivers tremendous commercial benefits. Mobile apps can boost sales and customer service, especially when they’re linked to your website via a well-designed landing page. Build stellar, intuitive mobile apps for your startup with Weft and get your business on-wheels!

Why choose Angularjs for Mobile App Development

Cheese on toast? “No, I would prefer almond butter!” “Pass on the marinated mushroom spread for me please!” 

These are the various options for delicious toast spreads that aren’t just butter! So won’t the mobile app development job, which is widely regarded as the hot ticket to a successful career, flaunt some sort of variety in its builds? 

It’s time to bust the myth that all mobile app developers are stuck with the same programming builds for ages and they can’t even find a wee bit of variety in what they code! 

So for quick knowledge let’s make a point that: There are a plethora of mobile app development languages available today, as well as a number of strong frameworks to make development easier. 

However, there aren’t many frameworks that can meet the majority of development requirements. According to industry statistics, Angular is currently regarded as one of the main technologies in the landscape of mobile app development in Kerala.

Google created and maintains Angular, a versatile, feature-rich, dynamic, and robust Javascript framework. It began its voyage in 2009 and has remained popular because of its ease of use, simplified development process, high scalability, tried and tested development methodologies, and many other factors.

Let’s look at Angular’s value propositions from every viewpoint now as compiled by Weft Technologies, a mobile development company in India. 

The Best Reasons to Use Angular as a Framework: 

Now we’ll go through the main reasons why Angular is the best framework for mobile app development.

  • The MVC Architecture is advantageous.

Angular has a component-based MVC architecture, in contrast to many other JavaScript frameworks used for mobile app development. Because of this architecture, Angular online apps may mimic the appearance, feel, and user experience of native apps to a large extent. This also helps to reduce development expenses by speeding up the process.

  • An Interesting User Interface

Angular is a framework for building highly engaging web and mobile apps that leverages HTML. This also enables developers to construct lean, lightweight, yet powerful user interfaces that are sturdy, intuitive, and instantly engaging.

  • Best Coding Techniques

Angular makes the entire development process easier because it achieves its dynamic UI creation using HTML code, whereas coding relies largely on the expertise and talents of the programmer to apply the attributes of a language. It’s no surprise that Angular development requires the least amount of coding, development time, and complexity.

  • Integration Testing

Testing is an important part of any software project, regardless of its form or specialization. The Google developers who designed this amazing framework were well aware of this, and hence offered Angular the ability to properly test projects. Angular helps developers uncover faults, code glitches, performance difficulties, flaws, and more right from the start.

  • Modularity and ease of use

Certain technologies are used when certain technologies help to increase productivity without reducing output. Angular is unrivaled in its ability to create strong apps with outstanding architecture, functionality, and adaptability. Angular’s modularity aids in the integration of features and the long-term worth of an app project.

  • Filters make it simple to organise data.

The existence of filters in any app development project aids in the organization of stored data, allowing developers to exercise greater control and precision over their projects. Angular developers can use a variety of simple filters, such as Number, Uppercase, Lowercase, OrderBy, and many others. When supplying a large amount of data to users or simply helping to improve an app’s search function, this becomes extremely performance-enhancing. Unparalleled

  • Speed of Development

The MVC architecture of Angular for app projects, as well as easy-to-use testing methods, speeds up the development process and enables faster app rebuilding.

  • Data binding in both directions

Angular has a distinct advantage due to its two-way data binding. As a result, any modifications to the existing system will be seamless.

  • Best Development Techniques

Angular, as one of the most advanced frameworks, makes things easier by implementing best development practices. It provides well-established procedures for developers to get results with less effort and more precision, in addition to assisting with a fast-paced workflow for the entire development team.

  • Google’s Power

Because Angular is produced and maintained by Google, you will receive new upgrades and value enhancements on a regular basis. You may always acquire the greatest number of fresh value additions thanks to Google, which can improve the app’s user experience designed using Angular.


Most other JavaScript frameworks are already behind Angular, and this trend will continue. With so many benefits, it’s difficult to imagine any app project not using Angular. In the days and years ahead, Angular is likely to continue to rise in popularity across a wide range of software development companies and their projects.

Top 8 Benefits of Using White Space in UI Design

A living room furnished with a pair of vintage Jacques Adnet club chairs and a rosewood chiffonier is just enough to leave a “first impression” of exquisitely done house decor, just at the moment we step into the house. 

Likewise, at the first click of a website link, it opens doors to the “first impression” of an intuitive, user-centric website, which is the dedicated work of a UI designer. 

As we scroll through the year’s award-winning UI designs, one thing that stands out is the use of decluttered UI designs with appropriately proportioned white space.

The importance of leaving white space while wireframing is a crucial segment, and if you are that one UI designer who is still hitting roadblocks in deciding how to leave whitespace significantly in a UI design, Weft, one of the best UI/UX design companies in Kochi, is ready to drop hints! Follow the cue to find out more! 

Whitespace improves both the UI and the UX of a website. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons compiled by Weft, a software development company in Kerala, why white space is so important in UI/UX design!

 It makes a valid point. 

What happens if you separate a design component with whitespace? Our brains used to place a lot of emphasis on design elements that were surrounded by whitespace. After all, the negative space provides visual cues as to where you should be looking, as well as enough buffer space surrounding a component for your brain to digest it quickly.

 Improving Comprehension

The use of whitespace in a design makes it easy to skim the material and greatly improves legibility.

 Directs your users’ attention 

Whitespace design can assist you in guiding the eyes of your consumers. This can be accomplished by condensing the content of your page into less than 15 points. Then decide on the priority order for those 15 points. The first point may be a logo, the second might be a navigation bar, the third could be a hero image, the fourth could be a text paragraph, and so on.

 Interaction Rate: Maximized 

According to surveys, the average attention span of an internet user is 6 seconds. By emphasizing the Call to Actions, efficient use of whitespace aids the UI design in getting the message over to consumers quickly and maximizing the possibilities of interaction. As a result, designers must establish communication channels between consumers and the design, and whitespace can be extremely useful in this regard.

The Proximity Principle in Gestalt 

The Gestalt Principle of Proximity maintains that consumers link closely related components with the same characteristics. You must keep your group-related components close together in order to successfully execute this notion. It involves

Opulence and sophistication. 

When employed to create a specific look or atmosphere, whitespace can become a key design feature. We associate a lot of whitespace with refinement and elegance, so applying it effectively could be a way to incorporate these connections into your design.

Makes Use of Imagination: 

When users perceive whitespace in a user interface design, it allows their imaginations to run wild, resulting in a stronger emotional response. Human minds have an innate need to evaluate things, which creates a narrative between what you see and how you can comprehend it.

Displays the Hierarchy of Visuals

Whitespace allows you to emphasize the visual hierarchy of your page’s components. Consider increasing or decreasing margins and padding to give greater emphasis to key elements. Ensure that vital components, like CTAs, are placed in areas where they stand out.

To wrap up

Whitespace not only creates balance, and harmony, and aids in brand design, but it can also be used to guide a reader from one piece to the next. The main goal is to make the website look clearer and easier to navigate, as well as to provide information that visitors will appreciate and like. I hope this helps the budding UI developers! 

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare businesses are delivering a roaring bang in the marketplace, with a number of diagnostic centers, therapeutic centers, and healthcare centers allying the frontier. Most can be found providing their service palette from booking appointments to availing of diagnostic results through mobile apps. Healthcare mobile app development has drastically increased. 

In this roaring spread, it’s quite likely for many businesses to go unnoticed, and they need sound marketing strategies and plans. The situation has turned out to be in a phase where if it’s not digital, it’s not marketing either. 

Why do we need digital marketing for healthcare businesses? 

1. Generates three times the return on investment as traditional marketing.

2. In a year, healthcare video marketers generate 66 percent more targeted leads.

3. A digital content marketing strategy is used by 83 percent of health organizations.

4. A blog is maintained by 58 percent of health marketers.

After having successfully chartered and executed various marketing campaigns for healthcare businesses, Weft Technologies, providing the best digital marketing services in Kerala, has compiled a list of various noteworthy milestones that one should not miss while planning a digital marketing campaign idea for healthcare businesses. 

Build a Mobile-Optimized Website.

Do you make an attempt to improve your website on a regular basis? If you haven’t already, now is the moment. Because, despite the fact that healthcare is a service industry, your website is your company’s online face. As a result, it’s critical to keep a positive image here as well.

Place a Premium on Organic Visibility.

What is the use of having a website if no one visits it? You must publish valid and keyword-optimized content in order to increase traffic. This is when the significance of SEO comes into play (Search Engine Optimization). In the long run, these efforts will result in consistent traffic to your website.

Create a visually appealing social media profile.

Maintaining a strong presence across all internet platforms is critical. There are various ways for you to make your presence known on the website. It’s also important to keep your company’s social media profiles current and updated, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Keeping your profiles up to date might help you win your audience’s trust.

Paid Promotions Cannot Be Missed!

Healthcare, unlike other industries, is more personal and requires highly targeted marketing. The target audience should be able to effortlessly relate to the message you’re delivering. You must keep in mind that the audience here could be general, seeking specific information, or in need of emergency assistance. As a result, it’s critical to know who your target market is.

 Video content is the most sellable! 

This decade has seen a surge in the popularity of video promotions. A video’s impact can outshine that of any other medium. People find films very entertaining, which is why they are so crucial in healthcare. Sharing videos of your patients’ testimonials can encourage more potential patients to schedule consultations with you.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses 

If you’re thinking about starting or changing your digital marketing strategy, you’ll need to figure out the best marketing mix for your company. You can contact our specialists at Weft, a digital marketing agency in Kochi if you have any questions about how to get the most out of your healthcare business through digital marketing.

Top 10 Payment Gateways in India for React Native Apps

Browsing through the endless list of accessories from her favourite brand online store, Riya has finally made up her mind and has proceeded to buy. While the page shows redirecting to her bank account, she is quite relieved at the seamless checkout experience and how comforting it is to finally get to ditch the long queues! 

Just like Riya, there are millions across the world who have benefited from a secure payment gateway and transformed their shopping experience through a single window! 

Weft, a native app development company, has compiled a list of secure payment gateways. 

Payment Gateways in India for React Native Apps

1) Instamojo Payment Gateway

Instamojo is an Indian company that specialises in the sale of digital items and the collection of online payments. This is one of India’s most popular and simple payment gateways.

2) Payment Gateway EBSEBS (Electronic Billing Solutions) is the first Indian merchant account provider to meet the PCI DSS 3.0 compliance standards.

3) CCAvenue.

CCAvenue is one of India’s first payment gateways. Almost every bank and payment method is supported by CCAvenue. It’s dependable, secure, and popular with high-volume eCommerce sites like Snapdeal.

4) Payment Gateway via PayPal

PayPal is a global payment platform, available in 200+ countries across the world. PayPal claims to have processed 4 billion payments in 2014.

5) Citrus Payment Gateway

Citrus also offers a wallet service to its customers. Citrus is utilized by over 1500 businesses, including Airtel, PVR, Etihad Airways, GoAir, Tata, Lenskart, and Delhi Metro, to name a few.6) 

6) PayUbiz is a payment gateway.

PayUbiz is one of the most widely utilised payment gateway providers, with numerous e-commerce solution providers using it. Large companies like Snapdeal, Jabong, Bookmyshow, Ola, Cleartrip, Redbus, GoIbibo, Zomato, and others use PayUbiz.

7) Atom Paynet Payment Gateway

The FT Group promotes Atom, and its primary clients are in the fields of education, government services, and travel and tourism.

8) ZaakPay Payment Gateway

Customers can personalise their package based on the estimated volume per month, and it accepts both web and mobile payments. It has a one-of-a-kind transaction day +1 clearing mechanism.

9) Payment Gateway DirecPay

DirecPay is a fantastic payment gateway provider for many internet businesses since it allows them to focus on sales rather than payment processing. It provides plans that are reasonably priced.

10) The Emvantage Payment Gateway 

Payment Gateway is a payment gateway developed by Emvantage.

EMVANTAGE is a well-known payment gateway in India, with high transaction success rates in the country. It accepts a variety of payment methods and accepts prepaid cards such as Rupay and others.

Secure Online Payment App Development

Weft, an app development company in India, has delivered a plethora of high-featured mobile applications over the years with high encryption and secure payment gateways. If you have any queries about mobile app development, hire the mobile app development experts from Weft! 

5 Best SEO Apps for Shopify in 2022

Nowadays, starting a store on Shopify is as easy as pie. With humongous efforts going down the lane of setting up a physical store, your new e-commerce store can be up and running in a jiffy! 

Things kept aside, this has also given rise to steady competition, with markets getting flooded with online stores popping up like mushrooms. Weft, a Mobile  App development company in India, suggests that it’s not enough to have a beautiful appearance, branding, and high-quality things in your online store to stand out. How well your Shopify store ranks on major search engines has a lot to do with how successful it is. 

Weft, SEO company in Cochin, enlists the top SEO apps for your online store: 

1.SEO Manager

The Shopify SEO Manager app is a fantastic Shopify tool for improving your store’s rankings, and it’s perhaps the best Shopify SEO software thanks to its extensive list of unique features. It allows you to customize your website’s meta tags, titles, keywords, and descriptions. Furthermore, it will provide you with pertinent information about how those categories are functioning on a global scale.

2.Plug-In SEO

You can pick between two versions of the Plug In SEO Shopify app. There is a free one that will suffice if you are a do-it-yourselfer who is just getting started with their online store and wants to acquire basic SEO optimization for it. Despite being free, this plan allows users to use the inbuilt smart analyzer to assess an unlimited number of pages for SEO concerns.

3. SPO:  SEO Product Optimizer

There are two versions of the SPO SEO Product Optimizer, and both are powerful. Even the free edition of this Shopify app offers a useful set of functions. These are limited in terms of the number of times you can use them every month rather than the number of times you can use them. One of the most appealing features of the SPO app is the ability to investigate specific keywords and have the app recommend the appropriate application for you. A bulk edit function has been included to enable quick link preview editing, which will save you time in the long run. Link previews can be changed without having to know how to code because the app does all of the work for you – a highly handy and beginner-friendly feature.

4. Reload SEO

Reload SEO is a keyword optimization programme that is suitable for both novices and more experienced SEO store owners. Its primary distinguishing feature over other apps is that it analyses the content of your Shopify competitors. The truth is that company SEO is a numbers game to lift your store over others, not an area that rewards fair play. Potential traffic for your Shopify store is a competitive advantage that you can gain over other businesses.

5. Tiny IMG SEO Image Optimizer 

Once you’ve figured out your keywords, maximizing your store’s optimization entails focusing on the photos on your site. It’s one thing to have a visually appealing brand, but many people overlook the fact that the images you select for your store will have an impact on its efficiency. High-quality images take a long time to load, and if they aren’t optimized, they can greatly detract from the appeal of your store. It may come as a shock, but if your website takes longer than three seconds to load, you might be losing up to half of your potential clients. After all of that effort to get organic visitors to your store, a minor detail like loading speed should not be overlooked.


We hope this article from the best software development company in Kerala has provided you with some insight into the finest Shopify SEO applications available and what they can do to improve your site’s rankings and traffic. As you can see, there are numerous apps available to meet a range of purposes and workflows. It’s up to you whether you want to get down to business or take a more relaxed approach and let AI handle the heavy lifting. In any event, once you’ve finished optimizing your Shopify store, you should notice a large increase in organic traffic.

How to use LinkedIn as a College Student?

Movie flicks have always been a constant source of entertainment to all alike irrespective of age group or generation. Some movies have left us in tears, some with a beautiful message, some with motivation, and some with the burning passion to do something with like-minded individuals for a major cause! 

And in that course of a line, the major throwback would be Lord of the Rings which portrayed two elements at its best: Great team, greater resources!!! Aragon’s got a sword, Legolas is bringing his bow and Gimli the Dwarf could never leave behind that ax. Best to be prepared before you head off towards the sunny, exotic location of Mordor.

We have all seen the part where Gandalf has to step into each door, explain the agenda and team up for the eventful journey! Something bigger, brighter could have saved Peter Jackson an entire sequel and Poor Gandalf an iterative explainer session!!! Want to know what? 

Keep guessing and Weft, Mobile apps development company,  is going to keep you “linked in” the guessing game! Yeah, that’s LinkedIn, for sure!

Just imagine if swordsman Aragon, bowman Legolas, and Gimli the dwarf maintained their LinkedIn profile with the best status and media content, how easy the job would have been for the recruiter Gandalf!!

As we know, job seekers can publish their CVs, and companies can advertise opportunities on LinkedIn, which is largely used for professional networking and career advancement. So, this seems like a Super Bowl harvest of opportunities for college students, and Weft, Digital marketing agency in Kerala, will lead the way on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage!!

6 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn

  • Post enthralling status updates and media.

Engaging other LinkedIn users is the first step in building relationships. Share articles that your audience will find useful. This could include both fascinating articles and updates on your projects. Maintain your activity, but don’t overdo it to the point of clogging your connections’ feeds – aim for at least twice weekly and no more than once a day.

  • Grow your network

LinkedIn, like a professional conference or trade show, provides you with excellent opportunities to network with people in your sector. Liking, commenting on, and sharing posts can start a wider conversation, and you can leverage the online rapport to make in-person connections. Meet up with individual LinkedIn contacts over coffee or go to regional networking events organized by your groups.

  • Connect with professional groups

LinkedIn groups are places where you can show off your knowledge and network with people who share your interests. Use the site’s recommendation and search capabilities to find groups. Check who in your network is a member of a specific group, and leverage your present connections to make new ones.

  • Explore organizations

Explore organizations using LinkedIn’s search engine by industry, geography, and other keywords. General company information might aid in interview preparation, but finding out who in your network is related to that company can also help you get a foot in the door. For information about a company’s organizational aims, hiring methods, and current initiatives, look at its LinkedIn page.

  • Communicate with Recruiters

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn on a daily basis. Maintaining an up-to-date profile and an active online presence will help you attract these experts. Recruiters can be found by industry and/or location. Send customized messages explaining your interest and ambitions to recruiters and industry experts to make connections.

  • Apply for Jobs 

There are millions of job postings on LinkedIn. Once you’ve discovered a job that interests you, say, react native developer, you can apply in seconds utilizing LinkedIn’s Easy Apply function, which allows you to add extra content to a saved résumé and send it out. Employers will get a snapshot of your profile, with the option to view more details — which brings us back to the significance of a well-written profile. Make sure that your photo, summary, and credentials accurately reflect your professionalism and abilities. Weft Technologies Sharing golden opportunities for UI Development Engineer don’t miss it.

Build your profile and start your professional journey with the first step: LinkedIn!!! 

It’s quite evident that students can utilize LinkedIn to build a professional online presence while still in school, which is vital for landing employment, internships, and volunteer opportunities.