Complicated stock management ordeal of Grandways got simplified: Farm fresh products' large scale order and sales now gets hands-free!

It's a known fact that selling fruits and vegetables as perishable, degradable items need special attention by retailers/wholesalers keeping in mind categories of inventory management conditions which should potentially suit the needs of the customers.

We are quite aware that the shelf life of fruits and vegetables are minimal hence strategies for review, replenishment need to be addressed correctly.

Also managing and ordering such perishable products needs to be taken special care by the retailers so that customer satisfaction can be achieved with less waste.

This led to the inception of Grandways who acts as a liaison between growers and wholesalers regarding the orders and sales of farm fresh products like fruits, green veggies and fragrant flowers.

Also ordering policies followed by the growers are discussed. How the buyers enter their order size, time of order, and in response how to review and replenish their shelf etc. are some of the significant areas to be considered!

Breaking the cocoon of grocery shopping.


What was the real issue pricking them?
Grandways managed their daily transactions including order details and sales history in Excel format which demanded a lot of manual action and was time consuming. They wanted a customised solution to automate their daily transactions and by end of the day gave them records of active sales, orders to be met, inventory details and proper updates.


How did we tackle the problem?

We devised a complete ERP solution with an Admin panel and Customer panel with engagement from two user groups- vendors and customers. We automated the inventory management with corresponding reflections made to the store, as goods are added and dropped. By EOD, daily reports are also generated statistically showing the vendor and customer engagement.

Our work

Project timeline

Week 1

Requirement Elicitation

Week 4

Brainstorming Sesssion

Week 7

Proposal Presentation with Key Objective
Validation Testing

Week 10

Coding, Development & Product Activation


What are the results?

Speaking about the results, the most visible output would be the complete digitisation of this manpower overridden task. We were able to create an ERP solution that had the option to upload the Excel sheet that the workforce was comfortable with, and just wait to see the automated tallying of stock and order-sales statistics.

Route map

What does the process look like?

We created an Admin panel and a user login portal where they can order a product from a particular vendor which has their favourite fuji apples, or lily plant in bulk! The upstock and downstock are corrsponfibgly done based on the entries in the Excel spreadsheet. For every successful order placement, an invoice is generated, otherwise goods are upstocked to meet the requirements. This led to an error free, time efficient process that needs less to almost minimal human effort!

What does the final product deliver?

We delivered a fully functional, customised, result driven ERP solution with strong emphasis on stock management.

Exotic fruits, veggies and flower plants can now be accounted for automatically without a human brain taking counts!

From the uploaded Excel sheet having order details from a particular vendor, the ERP solution recognises the data and makes corresponding reflections in the stock!

Time efficient, saves many clock strokes, automated!

Say, an order with 500 quantities from a particular supplier, the data entry need not be done manually since it will be automatically done from the previous logs and history of transactions, but saving plenty of time.

Grandways has been a client presenting us with clear cut requirements and we have tried our best to make their transition to the automated work process!



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