How to use LinkedIn as a College Student?

Movie flicks have always been a constant source of entertainment to all alike irrespective of age group or generation. Some movies have left us in tears, some with a beautiful message, some with motivation, and some with the burning passion to do something with like-minded individuals for a major cause! 

And in that course of a line, the major throwback would be Lord of the Rings which portrayed two elements at its best: Great team, greater resources!!! Aragon’s got a sword, Legolas is bringing his bow and Gimli the Dwarf could never leave behind that ax. Best to be prepared before you head off towards the sunny, exotic location of Mordor.

We have all seen the part where Gandalf has to step into each door, explain the agenda and team up for the eventful journey! Something bigger, brighter could have saved Peter Jackson an entire sequel and Poor Gandalf an iterative explainer session!!! Want to know what? 

Keep guessing and Weft, Mobile apps development company,  is going to keep you “linked in” the guessing game! Yeah, that’s LinkedIn, for sure!

Just imagine if swordsman Aragon, bowman Legolas, and Gimli the dwarf maintained their LinkedIn profile with the best status and media content, how easy the job would have been for the recruiter Gandalf!!

As we know, job seekers can publish their CVs, and companies can advertise opportunities on LinkedIn, which is largely used for professional networking and career advancement. So, this seems like a Super Bowl harvest of opportunities for college students, and Weft, Digital marketing agency in Kerala, will lead the way on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage!!

6 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn

  • Post enthralling status updates and media.

Engaging other LinkedIn users is the first step in building relationships. Share articles that your audience will find useful. This could include both fascinating articles and updates on your projects. Maintain your activity, but don’t overdo it to the point of clogging your connections’ feeds – aim for at least twice weekly and no more than once a day.

  • Grow your network

LinkedIn, like a professional conference or trade show, provides you with excellent opportunities to network with people in your sector. Liking, commenting on, and sharing posts can start a wider conversation, and you can leverage the online rapport to make in-person connections. Meet up with individual LinkedIn contacts over coffee or go to regional networking events organized by your groups.

  • Connect with professional groups

LinkedIn groups are places where you can show off your knowledge and network with people who share your interests. Use the site’s recommendation and search capabilities to find groups. Check who in your network is a member of a specific group, and leverage your present connections to make new ones.

  • Explore organizations

Explore organizations using LinkedIn’s search engine by industry, geography, and other keywords. General company information might aid in interview preparation, but finding out who in your network is related to that company can also help you get a foot in the door. For information about a company’s organizational aims, hiring methods, and current initiatives, look at its LinkedIn page.

  • Communicate with Recruiters

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn on a daily basis. Maintaining an up-to-date profile and an active online presence will help you attract these experts. Recruiters can be found by industry and/or location. Send customized messages explaining your interest and ambitions to recruiters and industry experts to make connections.

  • Apply for Jobs 

There are millions of job postings on LinkedIn. Once you’ve discovered a job that interests you, say, react native developer, you can apply in seconds utilizing LinkedIn’s Easy Apply function, which allows you to add extra content to a saved résumé and send it out. Employers will get a snapshot of your profile, with the option to view more details — which brings us back to the significance of a well-written profile. Make sure that your photo, summary, and credentials accurately reflect your professionalism and abilities. Weft Technologies Sharing golden opportunities for UI Development Engineer don’t miss it.

Build your profile and start your professional journey with the first step: LinkedIn!!! 

It’s quite evident that students can utilize LinkedIn to build a professional online presence while still in school, which is vital for landing employment, internships, and volunteer opportunities.