Hygiene Shope

From generic eCommerce solutions with little to less customisation to brand new, tailor-made, scalable eCommerce solutions with mobile apps!

Hygiene products have been given utmost importance lately and with Covid waves striking with different variants, personal hygiene is undoubtedly the need of the hour.

Hygiene products can vary from gloves, baskets, cleaning products, housekeeping solutions, to food packaging solutions. Cleanliness is next to godliness and that brings out the sole purpose behind Hygiene Shope to cater to all cleanliness and hygiene maintenance needs of the public.

Hygiene Shope works round the clock with its digital window system to provide a wide range of hygiene products that are of great importance to daily lives and continue to offer their service palette with advancements.


What was the real issue pricking them?
Hygiene Shope had an eCommerce software solution that was not scalable, and had minimal flexibility for add-ons. Basically an open source solution, the Hygiene Shope was not advanced enough to add features on the tail-end. And the loading speed was drastically low and time consuming.


How did we tackle the problem?

We devised a comprehensive solution that could solve the problem in a single catch. An eCommerce store with a cluster of categories and high end scalability with .Net and Angular frameworks to add onto customisations. The previous eCommerce solution was a basic one which took a lot of time to load, which got changed for a better cause, with limited load speed.


What are the results?

Concerning the results, we revamped the eCommerce store and made it customisable as per the client requirements and gave it high end scalability to accommodate features in the near future.

Increased speed without much lag is also the hard earned contribution of our development team.

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What does the process look like?

We used .Net with Angular framework to create the Hygiene Shope ecommerce solution and used methodologies to gather speed and add customisations which could help them roll out an ecommerce store that was equally appealing as well as easy to navigate and comprehend for the uses with special attention paid to user experience.

What does the final product deliver?

We developed an ecommerce website with an actionable mobile app to cater to all the hygiene requirements of the public with multiple categories and highly customised, with great loading speed as well.

Hygiene products that belong to any category can now be availed without any delay in a few clicks!

Hygiene Shope has been a client with minimal but pressing demands and we could deliver a product that made the headlines and in unprecedented times like Covid, our work was valued by the client as well as the pull c and appreciated by the government as well in taking an upper hand at public health demands.

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