How Signal Comes Across as a Challenge to Insta and FB in terms of Privacy Policy?

Private data of users in social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is not safe”, says the encrypted message app Signal. It has been found that with a series of ads on Instagram, released by Signal, they are actively challenging the privacy policies of Instagram and Facebook. Signal stated that social media kings like Facebook are not providing the crystal bowl of social media, but they are creating a loophole to get access to your private data. Signal added that, using as many ways as possible, data gets massively collected from Insta, Facebook and WhatsApp and finally gets sold.
Signal put light into their targeted ad marketing strategy. The team revealed that they have developed a multi variant targeted ad marketing strategy. It shows an exact replica of the data that has been collected about you by Facebook and to whom the access has been sold to. It has been found that Facebook has at once, blocked Signal from creating more damage to their authenticity. With many insights that they have shared on Instagram, Signal tries to convey to avid social media users how intrusion into your privacy takes place and data theft takes place through the backdoors.
Facebook-owned WhatsApp’s new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy set fire to a fresh debate on privacy concerns. With this burning issue on the centre stage, both Signal and Telegram achieved significant new users. According to statistics, Telegram and Signal has made an escalating growth by 1200%, with a visible reduction in the WhatsApp users.

Signal app beats WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

Tenser Tower, a renowned Mobile Application analytics company has revealed that from January 2021, there has been a strong growth in the users installing and actively engaging in Signal and Telegram. Within the first quarter of 2021, 1192 percentile of app downloads and 64 million users worldwide were recorded for Signal. And 98 percentile of app downloads and 161 million users worldwide has been recorded for Telegram in the same time frame.

Though January witnessed a steep growth in the active downloads and engagement of Signal App, a decrease in the numbers was found, but still, it’s continuously maintaining a steady pace of growth with 2.8 million downloads.

Facebook has come on the frontline stating that Signal has been targeting Facebook with illegitimate accusations. Facebook spokesperson also commented that it’s just a public stint by Signal.
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