Motion Graphics

Pieces of animation or digital footage which deliver the illusion of movement or rotation, coupled with audio clippings for multimedia presence, are Motion graphics.

Weft believes that Motion graphics are undoubtedly a stellar way to exchange views with consumers. Without a second thought, it can add depth and volume to the story. With good music and attractive copy together, we can giveaway a clear message while creating ads, television title sequence, explaining a concept, and share a product video that help to share their message.

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Frame-by-frame footage and animation has shifted is no longer motion graphics. What makes a typical animation stand apart from Motion graphics is that they are strictly character driven or story based.
Motion graphs portray animated abstract shapes and forms such as logos or logo elements.

Magic of cool motion graphics animation!

For brand apps and web platforms, if we want to share complex pictures, ideas, concepts, and a great bunch of data, Weft can do it in a short, simple, visually appealing video.
Convey an idea in the quickest way, grab and hold the viewer's attention!
Motion graphics are appealing and impressively versatile storytelling tools, which assures them to be a great suitor to your brand's content marketing mix!
Want the circle in your piechart to swirl and spin for some extra visual appeal? That’s motion graphics.
Want the logo on your website to rise up? That’s motion graphics.
Weft has a secret to share! The internet loves videos! Irrespective of motion graphics or any other animation, videos are a sure bet to bring about better engagement, traffic and conversions.

Not all videos are created the same!

Weft believes that when creating videos using motion graphics for your brand, product, service, message, or business, have to be discussed you have to start with a basic question to understand what type of video you actually need.
What are you communicating, and why?
After finding the answer, you will be able to round off the right style or type of video which come in three general categories:

  • Brand Video :30-:45 Best used for overall brand pieces focussed at brand recognition and overall brand positioning.

  • Explainer Video :45-:90
    Best used for transitioning complex or high density content into a simple and clear presentation.

  • Instructional Video :90+
    Best used for longer duration storytelling where the content is compelling and engaging enough.

Weft Technologies masters in converting your idea, business, or brand and publishing its story in motion. So, if you have an idea to share, a product to sell, or a brand to promote, we can do the best!

"Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”
- Neville Brody

Our graphics in motion servicing includes:


Design and creation of UI GFX


Front and main-on-end title sequence design and production


Graphical inserts for longform projects


Delivery and supervision of digital assets for live on-set playback


Large animated sequences for live shows, exhibitions and rides.

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