Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping and testing are definitely going to be the main constituents of the new product development process.

In Thesaurus, prototyping and testing ensure that your brand new product is ready for the subsequent phases of manufacture. However, there is definitely a whole lot of confusion around the word 'prototype', what it actually means, so we're going back to the beginning…
Prototyping can be defined as an experimental process where design teams transform ideas into corresponding tangible forms from paper to digital.

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The Design Teams at Weft build prototypes of different degrees of fidelity to deliver design concepts and eventually test on users.
With prototypes, you are at a receiving end to refine and validate your designs,hence your brand can release the right products.

Weft, best design company in Kerala, would love to define it as:
'the thing you make just before you start making millions of them’
Why is it vital? It is because the test prototypes before final delivery ensure if it meets customer requirements, is aesthetic, not least, your reputation.
'Filter out’ the inevitable mishaps and finalise your pitch.The primary goal of prototyping is to ensure that upon testing your prototype with end users it's confirmatory and to make solid design decisions before stepping onto development.
Why would we do this? The sole purpose of testing a prototype is to make it back point that the entire time and effort you invested into a piece of work go into creating the RIGHT final deliverable.
Prototyping bridges the gap of transforming conceptual ideas into real, workable solutions.

In a nutshell, when you test a prototype, appropriate design changes is made fast and easy. Upon adopting this, Weft promises that it will save you time, money, and headaches rather than wrapping up all of your UX testing at the point of time when a product is nearly complete.

“They slow us down to speed us up. By taking the time to prototype our ideas, we avoid costly mistakes such as becoming too complex too early and sticking with a weak idea for too long.”
- Tim Brown, CEO & President of IDEO

How Weft performs Prototyping?


Opportunity to answer questions


Validate/invalidate assumptions


Iterative testing, alongside




Refinement of components and complete solutions.

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