SAAS Implementation

We initiate with a SaaS onboarding stage, where the client details us about the internal processes, expectations, goals, and timelines.

A huge number of companies are too eager to adopt SaaS or Software as Service to provide quality services and remain ahead of the competition. But as a matter of fact , this eagerness to set pace with technology stack doesn’t fall in place without its own share of challenges.
SaaS is still a budding concept and at instances where these third-party applications aren't properly implemented and managed through best SaaS vendor management practices, SaaS adoption won’t deliver out the anticipated high business values.

Hire Design Experts

SaaS can offer significant savings for several different reasons. Primarily, it lowers the upfront cost of purchase/installation, plus on-going costs like maintenance and upgrades. As an alternative to spending heavily on hardware installations, SaaS applications can be easily downloaded and maintained.

Nice to have features we include in SaaS applications:

  • Multi-tenancy model.

  • Automatic provisioning.

  • One-time Sign On.

  • Subscription based billing.

  • Extensive availability.

  • Flexible Infrastructure.

  • High End Data Security.

  • Application Security.

Back-end language: Python

Python is the de-facto solution for your SaaS platform if your business requires a lot of back-end logic! We have a team of experts best at high-computing algorithms, statistics, data science, high performance API REST apps, and web scraping.

Front-end programming language: React

With React Native, we can build one mobile solution! We rely on React to develop faster, reduce web development costs, and time to market. We are not of the opinion that React native is the sole platform to build hybrid mobile solutions, but it has multiple features, which isn’t available in other front-end frameworks.

Docker Microservice Architecture for your SaaS tech stack

Our team of experts leverage microservices for your MVP or at the initial stage of your SaaS product development. Docker architecture helps to include containers that will make your server run very smoothly and reboot in seconds. This architecture is our safest bet to deploy new code, reboot the system, and troubleshoot. It is 10X faster when compared with a physical/virtual environment.

Database software for your SaaS Tech Stack: Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB is an incredibly performing and fast database. Quite smooth to scale VS other traditional databases, more easier to handle vs. a pure MongoDB database. AmazonDB is our best buddy when it comes to multiple rewrites to database and high business logic.

Pave the way for improved processes, transparent communication, and a company culture open to change with costs at a minimum and increase productivity across teams with Saas implementation!

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