A Covid Recovery Tale of a Weftian!

Seems like nothing is going to make the first page of world news in the next 1 year other than the superstar Corona!

Corona has a strong grip on one particular Weftian who had to go through the entire ups and falls of the Covid wave and be a mighty surfer( SURVIVOR)!

It was a year ago when Corona first came into being and clutched the main character with a strong grip. Days went by and it all started with a headache, as usual, she takes her usual dose of Calpol and dozes off to sleep. Then came the chest-rattling cough, each time she coughed it felt like hurling stones in a deep well.

Again drinking sweet, sugary syrups and petting the disease within, days went by. Until a day came, when vision blurred, coughed up fabric paint looking blood, and fell on the floor with a half-completed article.

Just like a comma, her life was also in a comma situation with question marks up all in the air, whether her life will come to a full stop or will she jump back to her life with an exclamation mark!

Days went by, on just fluids and heavy doses of antibiotics directed into the veins and she gradually declined her figure to a couple of bones and barely some fat on it with eyes deeply set on sockets too weary to open.

The medication started working on her and the docs ask her family to take her home since everything possible has already been done and the rest belongs to her ability to recover.

With hands completely bruised and swelled up with the month-long injections and medication, she can’t even lift a pen, that used to be her favourite accessory from her early teens!

Now her family including her brown furry friend has a mission in hand and that’s to get their daughter back! Loads of veggie soup spiced up with freshly plucked pepper was the morning diet and Covid pneumatic patients should never be fed with milk, fresh juice, or anything that’s thermally cold. Give as much as heat possible and hot turmeric water can just do the magic!

Imagine wearing socks and a sweater in the summer heat of May and that was her attire! And gradually with mom’s care, dad’s love, sister’s companionship, her pet’s undying attention, she started recovering and kept isolating herself from the public.

And a day came by when she could utter a sentence without whooping cough interrupting her and she was ready to face another round of interview process. With assignments, telephonic interviews and finally she receives her offer letter and joins the fab-looking Weft Technologies with a happy-go-lucky team, amicable work culture, and supportive at all streaks!

And that’s how it ends! Now being a Covid survivor, it may be hard to breathe, the pain is unbearable with symptoms that look like you are close to death, fight the odds out because you have your loved ones counting on you and you have a couple of dreams burning inside you waiting to sprout the wings, and ready to fly high!

Follow the Covid Protocol, stay safe, and believe in your dreams and recovery is yours – both physically, mentally, and spiritually!