Manual & Automatic QA

Quality assurance is an inevitable process of software development life cycle whereby we check the actual viability of the software products and whether they meet the user requirements.

Our team of testers validates the prime traits of a software application. Analysts execute test cases and develop summary error reports with specialized automation tools. We can now automate even highly advanced tests, thanks to real user simulation technology.

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More Test Coverage

We deliver better results because of its ability for increased test coverage. With our focused attention, we create and execute tests, to handle complex and nuanced test scenarios.

Manual testing to fully-functional continuous testing in DevOps demands intention, strategy, and time. We deliver modern testing solutions that can help you overcome testing challenges.

Weft, software testing service providers in Kochi, with our continuous testing platform, delivers you everything you need to deliver better user experiences.

We are making a transition towards more social-based and exploratory testing. That results in less working on an individual basis and enhanced working in groups, as well as fewer repeatable test cases and more testing in an extensive territory.

We enhance the depth and scope of tests to help improve software quality. We test how your application will run on multiple computers with different configurations, and steer clear of all your concerns and guarantee high quality software products.

After testing by our team, you can achieve more accurate feedback based on human experience. Our test cases are meant to evaluate the product to ensure desired quality, value, fit, etc & to fix bugs and areas to improve.

Increase productivity and yield minimum errors with our expert software testing team and earn quality software products at your end!

Types of testing


Static testing – Matches requirements and design so that we can be sure that all requirements are satisfied.

Functional testing – After creating a detailed checklist for each part of the software including APIs, backend, and frontend; we advance towards a cross-browser testing.

Performance testing – Evaluates software behavior under different loads; with load, stress, volume, and scalability testing.

Security testing – verifies software stability according to OWASP top-10 vulnerabilities

Other technologies we use:

  • Android SDK

  • Swagger

  • Postman

  • PyCharm

  • ZAP

  • Browser DevTools

  • Screen Recorders

  • Charles

  • BlazeMeter

  • BrowserStack

  • Genymotion

  • JMeter

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