Data Storytelling: A strong blow to the conventional stitching of brand stories

Brand stories have become tremendously popular with time, but don’t you think it’s time to bring about an exciting edge into the way of crafting brand stories? As we know, people only have an attention span for the trending hitlist nowadays and anything else falls prey to ignorance. As we thought and thought, we came up with a different storytelling strategy that can produce qualitative results. 

And that’s data storytelling. Now, this is hopefully something new that you may come across and that’s exactly what we cherish. Data storytelling, in simple terms, is creatives centred around real facts and figures. More than maintaining a cool creative with flashy background and catchy copy, we are providing marketing insights with hard earned data components. These statistical data components unwrap a story that resolves a problem, recognizes a potential opportunity and aids the decision making process.

Weft technologies are concerned about giving a realistic image of the product or service that they are promoting and attest a true value to it after deep learning and research and give an authenticate blend to the creatives that are more than convincing, but also measurable!

Data storytelling converges into the zone of brand stories with its articulate way of data presentation. Data presentation is nothing else but, using various numerical measures you are trying to convince the consumers why you are a potential brand, what makes you different from the competitors, your current trends and holding in the marketplace. Marketing insights do not speak about the current status alone, but can also provide forecasting hints to channelise the decision making pathways that bear fruitive results.

The best prospects of incorporating data storytelling while you stitch up the brand stories are: 

Data Visualization gets Smart

Having smart visualization of your data trends can deliver a couple of shots that can benefit you in the long run with a potential outlook on the data in-hand, future forecasting, and a true statement about your business prospectus directly to the consumers. 

Predictable data within the reach of your hand

We can maintain a clear, concise datum trend at your fingertips. Stitching up a data story can drag in potential consumers and ace up the lead generation campaigns carried out in the digital marketing strategies and plans.

Enriching consumer experience to unparalleled levels

Having personalised data views, is something any consumer would die for, and can you think of any other better way to engage the consumer with your brand? This can be done with data storytelling and the results are going to reach you at cloud nine!

Relying on data visualisation trends can deliver strikingly winsome marketing insights for digital marketing to take your brand to the next level. This can be a strong blow to the existent framework of crafting brand stories in a true blue creative way, blending some true facts and figures into it will not only make you look authentic but also be a liaison of credibility.