From limited marketing potential to a plethora of user engagement venues, Eurovets got a face-off and foraged onto the mainstream with an effective UI, dynamic workflow!

Eurovets offer an exquisite premium product range at highly competitive prices from small to large animal practices.Leading wholesale distributors for the UAE's animal health industry to all businesses.

Eurovets, a B2B company, has a wide range of quality goods and value added services. Bridges the gap between supply and demand chain that troubled many veterinarians.

With an impressive portfolio of premium and innovative products - extends from consumables, instruments, equipment as well as feed and supplements for both companion and equine animals – to mention a few.


What was the real issue pricking them?

Eurovets had an ecommerce solution and CRM software beforehand, but in spite of these platforms, they were laid back in customer engagement. Marketing strategies were not eventful as the expectations went. Absence of push notifications, coupons have been a constant worry since they kept on missing potential clients.


How did we tackle the problem?

We devised a comprehensive solution that could solve the problem in a single catch. We made a conscious decision not to declutter the existing system and worked hard to build upon it.

An eCommerce store and CRM software with a customized backend built on .Net and Angular frameworks. This ensured a two-way login gateways which promised a fault tolerant process even at a time one crashes, the other is sound and functional.


What are the results?

Concerning the results, we built the customised backend with catchy ecommerce-ridden content with marketing funnels and kept the existential CRM software and ecommerce store as well.

We were able to showcase their quality products and integrated services in a more UI intuitive way. We seconded their aims to improve animal welfare in all the markets where they operate with active sales promotional pop-ups and coupons.

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What does the process look like?

We used .Net with Angular framework to create the Eurovets mobile app with a customised backend with rich UI and dynamic workflow. In the mobile app, we used methodologies to enhance the user engagement with marketing prospects and add an impressive UI without dumping the pre-existent ecommerce store and CRM software.

What does the final product deliver?

As we know, customers are at the heart of everything we do; So we laid special attention to acquiring new customers through a finely brewed catchy content with sales funnel openings for Eurovets.

Eurovets source and import the optimal quality, cutting edge, value-added products to align with the needs of our veterinary, pet, agricultural, equine and camel market of various businesses and industries across the UAE.

From B2B marketing prospects elevated to skyrocketed heights, Eurovets is taking the leap of faith to an active and engaging B2C arena!

Eurovets has been a client with very crisp but strong demands and we could deliver a product that made their weak points vanish away. An intuitive, user-engagement rich mobile app with strong focus on marketing sales funnel was delivered and their outstanding services and value added business solutions could thereby reach a wider audience of many businesses and industries.

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