How to use Emoji Marketing to boost Engagement?

We are quite familiar with the fact that “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” The same goes for marketing campaigns too. Instead of flooding your marketing campaign posts with text, replace them with images that can rightfully associate your emotion with it. 

With a single keyboard click, the above-mentioned task can be performed using ’emojis’. No matter your audience is young and trendy or an elderly age group, emojis are a hit among them alike. 

Emojis have a special place in marketing plans and Weft shares some insights on how to use emoji in marketing to drive engagement. 

WordStream revealed that using an emoji in a Tweet can exponentially raise the engagement by 25% in contrast to those messages without emoji. In your Facebook posts, using an emoji can increase shares by 33% and interactions with your post by 57%.

In addition to these statistics, emoji have a special ability to make your brand more relatable, add context to your messaging, and appeal to the emotions of your audience on a deeper level.

Humanize your brand

Make your consumers trust your brand, then it’s a sure fact that you are going to win them for the long run, and in better terms, they will start recommending your brand too! 

Put an additional level of personality and relatability to your brand. You can have a direct and seamless conversation with your audience by speaking their language with the emoji they use daily in text messaging, chat, and personal social posts.

Professional platforms like LinkedIn, have a sea of text posts, and if you are using some emojis instead, you are surely going to stand out! 

Better engage your audience

It’s a simple fact that people tend to use emojis because they are fun and engaging. Statistics reveal that push notifications that include emojis can achieve up to 85% more opens and 9% more conversions than text-only notifications.

Add context to your content

Having an emoji in your marketing copy can boost the contextual emphasis of your messaging. If you believe that with emojis you can replace a good marketing copy, then it’s a no, but they can work magic when put together and add more depth and meaning to your words.

Emoji on social media

Emoji and social media are like bread and butter, they compliment each other. We use emoji regularly to deliver interesting social media content and give a heart or thumbs up to our friends’ posts. Now there’s no solid reason why your brand can’t possibly do the same thing. When incorporating emoji in your social media posts, do so intentionally. 

Emoji in email marketing

If you believe that emojis are best reserved for social media, it’s wrong. Yes, you may find it so prevalent on those channels. Incorporating emoji into your email marketing campaigns has shown an increase in engagement and open rates as well.

Before using emoji in your marketing strategy, the Weft team would like you to ask yourself if it suitably aligns with the tone of your brand. Also, make sure that you do the research to find out the meanings of different emojis before you use them. Good luck with your emoji marketing campaign!