Online Onam Games for Techies

Onam is just around the corners, so is Corona going heavy on our ailing shoulders. But it’s a solemn fact that no matter you may stop raining, or shudder of the thunders, but never a Malayali from celebrating Onam in all its true vibes! 

Onam being the harvest festival of Kerala is much more emotional and joyous to all Malayali folk who have their roots fixed onto their motherland. 

This season too, Covid has tightly gripped onto our homeland, but we won’t let our Onam spirit get choked to death, we are going to celebrate Onam Online! Yes, you heard it right! But how is it earthly possible? 

Just one question for our readers, if you can pay bills at one click, get food delivered at your doorstep at one click, then why not celebrate Onam? 

Weft Technologies reveals the best possible ways to have a fun-filled Onam celebration! 

Digital Pookkalam

Oh, flower carpets can’t just be done. Obviously, the market has too limited flowers and prices are booming and restrictions on the top! But worry not, we can paint our pookalam on our mind to screens and still run a competition on it! Start praying that the best designer buddy gets on your team. 

Malayali Manka

Handloom saree, jasmine laiden hair, bindi, and the Malayali glow on face and what can make a lady look more beautiful? Dress up to be the best version of yourself as a Malayali girl would be and also share insights on your Onam celebrations with apt replies to questionnaires prepared on the Kerala Tradition and Customs. 


Singing chorus to Onam songs that can lift our spirits and feel close to the soil and soul of Kerala and get lost in the ever so soothing scenic backdrop of Kerala’s green aura. 

Malayali Mannan

Kurtas with traditional mundu, and that Malayali machismo gets ignited, get ready to get fired with arrowing questions from ancient Kerala history, onam customs, and many more! 


Croon your favourite vanjipattu and just pull over the vibes and energising scintilla of boat race into your cubicle and let the air be filled with the roaring Aarppo Hoyy Erro Erro! 

Maveli Onstage! 

The bestest event would be to present your Maveli and he gets to speak about himself in a fascinating way and judges can question him anything and everything right from his grandfather’s name to grandson’s name! The winner is not the one holding the complete biography of Mahabali, but how funny he twists the question to his favor and makes people burst into laughter is his winning point! 


Don’t get bewildered at the thought of having pillow fights via screens, this is about bragging! How well you can ascertain your thoughts through a war of words and come out successfully! 

These are some of the interesting online Onam games that we can share with you for the moment, feel free to add on to the vibe and just don’t sit and nag at the thought of lockdown! Onam can be celebrated from a distance but by keeping our hearts closer and enjoy the Onam festival to the fullest!