ECommerce Web Development Tips for Increasing Online Sales

Business growth is now fully digitalised. A business with a constantly evolving and attractive eCommerce website has higher chances of business growth than the rest. The slightest element of the design has the power to improve or harm our conversion rates. Too artsy web designs and animations can make it work slower. There are colour schemes that can send wrong signals to the visitors too. 

Hero Images

Big and bold images and geometric shapes and fonts are now trending as it’s faster and easier for human brains to process than text. Creating a slideshow and filling the home page with three or more hero images can make a better impact. Using videos can also be attractive and would create the same effect.

Live Chatbots

Live chatbots and other new conversational user interfaces are making our lives easier. User commitment and a better user experience can be achieved from automatic and quicker responses. Virtual assistants can even help visitors to select and buy products and also respond to their queries. Complicated navigation processes can also be eliminated this way.

Trust icons on the checkout page

Trust seals can attract the attention of shoppers and can immediately build trust in their minds. Try to include a basic signifier of trust which can be as simple as a brief description of your security measures that your site employs. You can even include a certified trust seal that is verified by a third-party vendor. 

Image Testimonials

When you include images with your testimonials it becomes more impactful. We as buyers would always want to make sure that other people have found success with the products we are looking for too. If there’s an image attached, it becomes more trustworthy. 

Free Shipping

Online shoppers love it when they have the option to choose the free shipping. If you surprise them with unexpected shipping costs while they reach checkout may make the conversions lower.

Collect Reviews

We know that customer feedback is important as potential new customers can see that you’ve managed to impress your existing client base. In that case, they are more likely to trust you with their money. Also, try to avoid negative reviews that may affect your reputation by working closely with customers issues. 

Free Directory listing

Make sure that you get listed in free directories as it’s important to make sure that your business information is consistent. You can even bypass the cost of a subscription by doing something like this manually and also by updating your listings one website at a time.

Suggest Popular Plans

If others have picked a product, it’s likely that we also choose it. For this, suggest the most popular options that were chosen more number times and promote them heavily.


In conclusion, start trying techniques that your competitors haven’t thought of yet and you’ll increase your online sales. Try out creative ways based on good research to do so. If it is showing results, improvise and continue with it, or else try out another way until it makes a change. To get the best turnover plans for your website, get in touch with a professional eCommerce Web Development Company like us and create wonders with your website. We pride ourselves on being among the leading Web design companies in Kerala and IT companies in Kochi. Connect with us to transform your business.