How Much is the Average Cost of eCommerce App Development?

If you are having thoughts of starting a new eCommerce store for your brick and mortar institute, believe us, this is the best time frame to do so. 

We have giants like Amazon, eBay setting us an example of how revenue-generating can this be for your business and we have a club of startups getting inspired too! 

With worldwide statistics of 600+ million users engaged in e-commerce applications is predicted to generate $24,3 trillion by 2025. Therefore, it has become a wise choice in investing in eCommerce. It has been widely accepted as the optimal way of trading services and products in this modern society.

It’s an unquestionable fact that eCommerce apps have been lauded as the second most favorite place of engagement for netizens right after social media apps. Straight from ordering your cosmetic products to your grocery shopping, we have now eCommerce for everything.

Revealing the Important Stats of the Ecommerce Industry for Quick Insights

  • As per the Clutch Survey report, 68% of the consumers engage themselves in e-commerce apps for exciting deals and offers.
  • 65% of customers are happy with eCommerce since they can shop anytime and anywhere.
  • By the year 2040, it is predicted that 95% of all transactions will be made through eCommerce.
  • 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online.

These figures are quite encouraging to hire a mobile app development company in Kochi to get started with your eCommerce app. Opting for an eCommerce store will allow you to satisfy the growing needs of the end-users in contrast to the ordinary business model. 

How Much Does an eCommerce App Cost to Develop?

Weft Technologies provide customers with eCommerce solutions web-based at affordable rates beginning at 4000$ and complete customized mobile apps at 5000$.

But it can’t be generalized, since there are multiple factors that determine the development cost of the app, but primarily it is based on what type of application you are looking out for in your business. So let’s discuss it below…

Ecommerce App Development: What Type of App You Want For Your Business?

It can be a B2B, B2C, or C2C and each variant of this business app solution costs you variably as it portrays different features, structures, and monetizing strategies.

Sufficient and Exciting Features of Building an eCommerce mobile app?

Irrespective of what type of eCommerce application you are thinking to create, every app version has three pillars- Customer panel, Vendor panel, and Admin Panel.

Push Notification, Social Login-Sign Up, Chatbot for 24*7 Customer Support, Role-Based Dashboard, Real-Time Analytics are the best exciting features that could be added to your eCommerce store. 

If you have thoughts over looking for ways to upgrade your business, you should rethink hiring an app development company like Weft Technologies with masterly expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions by transforming various ideas into potential products. As a result, by teaming up with a handful of highly skilled developers, you can easily get your app idea evaluated and get the right estimations.