How to do SEO for eCommerce websites?

E-commerce SEO has a vast amount of significance in the current period since we are now ordering everything online due to the pandemic restrictions. With people spending more time browsing online e-commerce ads can catch their attention swiftly and create an interest in them to purchase. So, you can enhance the visibility of your eCommerce store on the Search engine results page with Ecommerce SEO when done perfectly!

Best SEO Company in Kerala, with proficiency in e-commerce website development and have years of experience shares some valuable tips on how to do e-commerce SEO!

Your web pages can rank higher in SERPs,if and only if your website is optimized for search engines —  keyword usage,  technical framework of your web store, and whether your web store is mobile friendly all leave a high dependency on SEO optimization.

E-commerce SEO Guide

To reap the benefits of your SEO efforts, here we list 4 areas to consider when setting up your e-commerce SEO strategy:


How can you get along with content optimization? It’s quite simple. Include the search terms for which you would like to be browsed in your content: with mentions to your URL, H1 header, content, meta description and meta title.

Technical setup

The technical aspect of your site should never be compromised: like for instance HTTPS, responsiveness, page loading speed, indexation, XML sitemap (Google indexing), etc.

User experience

Whether you end up first or last at Google SERP is not because Google doesn’t like your name or your font colour, it’s purely based on user statistics. The user statistics is derived based on the time spent on page, bounce rate, conversion rate, load time, etc. The final conclusion is basically to decide whether  users are able to retrieve results of what they are looking for? Are you a verified source with reliable information?

If you can prove this to Google you get to stay on their first page of search results. Statistics show that not more than  75% of Internet users have the patience to look out for data  that remains past page 1, hence a top ranking can impart major value.

Have a clear and concise idea on which internal links (from within your website) and external links (from other sources) you link to and from. You also need to keep track of other resources linking back to you for authority. Connected to the right sources or being the referral resource for an esteemed organization can enhance your credibility and brand reputation to unparalleled levels.

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