Looking Back at the Best of Weft in 2020

2020 was a year of changes and unexpected happenings with so many ups and downs. While a lot of businesses faced a tough time,  we kept our foot strong and were more watchful about the steps we took in our business. Following are our achievements for the year;

Launched a media agency in the UAE

Though entertainment was shrinking into mobile sets, and the media agencies were facing a challenging time, Weft launched a 360 Media agency in the UAE with all advancements. 

Bridging the gap between Weft and client

We are prolonging a good relationship with our valuable clients Al Ansari Exchange, National General Insurance, ABC Cargo, and VSP Group and many more. We are always up for all the digital needs.

Launched e-commerce platforms

Weft provided digital solutions for several clients and launched 12 e-commerce platforms by mid-2020.

Growth at Weft

Our Cochin Office is advancing, enhancing prolificacy, and increasing the headcounts with increased productivity and creativity. The team is getting better in all aspects each day.

Clutch Recognition

Clutch, the world’s pre-eminent rating and review platform recognized us among the top web designers in the UAE after reviewing independent verified client reviews from around the world. We have been recognized as one of the top IT firms in the UAE.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered so much about how people consume products and services, yet, we could prove that it is entirely possible to become successful by improving on existing services and being productive.