Making New Feats and Sharing Weft Insights!

November is best known for Thanksgiving. Weft, mobile development company India, take this auspicious month into an account for sharing the accolades we have garnered over the years to our dear readers and well-wishers.

It’s with sheer pleasure that we share that we have been listed in a renowned online business expo magazine portal that features the cover story of every successful startup in our hometown. 

An insightful Weft meets Insights!

Insights’ writeup has raised us to a pedestal for our contributions made to the technical sphere and digital transformation of our hometown. 

We are ecstatic about our accomplishments and have a huge clientele in the UAE. We are so proud of our hometown clientele and are elated to be a part of their digital transformation journey and their continued association with us for their branding requirements and growth hacking strategy planning. 

Though we were testing the new waters, we were assured of the fact that Kerala, has firayed a set of favorable policies for startup mission and budding IT companies. This made us launch our company effortlessly. Since the demand for digital innovation was at its peak, we were having a favorable time connecting with our target audience. 

Now, we are quite reminiscent of how we started and our thought process went like this: 

With a lot of techie biggies running their branches in and around Kerala, there was never a need for a second thought, since we were assured of the fact that digital needs were flourishing among the Kerala audience. 

We found that the stagnation of the growth curve in digital innovation was a problem. It needed the right solution and we were ready to do our part to make a difference. 

Our director, Nidhin Ravi, has also shared some insights on how Kerala is progressing as an emerging business hub. Let’s see! 

Kerala as an Emerging Hub of Business

Kerala has flourished its tourism industry to unparalleled levels that we got tagged as “God’s own country”. But lately, the Kerala state government has diverged their keen interests in tourism development to entrepreneurial dreams and visions. 

Kerala has witnessed a boom in entrepreneurship lately with budding startups and innovative ideas. Students from APJ Abdul Kalam University making breakthroughs by self-creating oximeters affordably made headlines and this is the culture medium for the youth to invest their energy and skills to solve potential problems of society innovatively. 

With Keralites accepting innovation that can make their lives easier and remaining open to creative solutions to the existing problems, trying out something new will never be a blooper in the land of Kerala. 

As Covid gripped Kerala, it was quite a pride to see many women entrepreneurs employing their best culinary and baking skills to generate revenue. Many used their creative skills to generate side revenue which also boosted their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

As many went jobless, so many were pushed to start something that could be their livelihood and now, are quite impressed by the turnover. 

With many Emirati and European, US returnees, Kerala has also become a hub of highly skilled manpower which delivers a highly skilled workforce that is readily employable. 

Kerala remains open to all sorts of creative collaborations and innovative solutions and we just need to contribute with our dedicated efforts and results will surely be favorable without a doubt! 


If you would like to add or highlight any other interesting insights that we might have missed out in our questionnaire, please feel free to do so.

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Ending notes

As we know, lockdowns have also resulted in many stagnant projects that could have been launched by now and we should all strive together to come out of this situation victoriously as united as we can and hope for better times ahead!