Top 7 Reasons for Using React.Js in Web Development

Irrespective of the development platform, building user interfaces is a tiring, tricky and tedious task. Building a website is not as easy as making an ice cream cone with different layers of flavorsome scoops! 

Belief that you can build on top of frameworks and extend it with essential property is just an amateur thought and won’t second you in the long run! 

It takes humongous effort, undying dedication, and full concentration for building each component of a website. 

Define ReactJS
Why ReactJS?
Advantage of ReactJS

But there is an easy way out too! Let’s see what it is! 

React JS is a JavaScript library that helps us to build user interfaces much better! It results in a much better work-life for developers as well. It has paved its own way into the mainstream. You may also find a league of giants including Facebook, Netflix, AirBNB, DropBox, IMDb, PayPal, Tesla Motors, Walmart, and many others associated with it. So it’s definitely a pretty good company to keep, don’t you think? 

But, there are a couple of frameworks to choose from, aren’t they? Now, how do you compare each framework from React.Js and choose it over them? 

We should understand that each framework has its own set of pros and cons and is innately not an exact substitute for one another since it is hugely dependent on what you are trying to accomplish and your set of basic objectives.

In this blog, Weft,  a software development company, has compiled the top 7 ReactJS brownie points that showcase the reliability of ReactJS for web application development company and in turn how it proves to be the perfect choice for your next project.

Define ReactJS

ReactJS is an incredible JavaScript framework that has eased the development process for the better. In addition, it offers quality assured ReactJS applications with best-fit interfaces.

ReactJS is regarded as a much sought-after substitute when it comes to the development of intuitive and exquisitely compelling websites & applications that caters to a number of concerns of the developers and help them deliver creative solutions.


1.JavaScript library

A magical blend of JavaScript and HTML syntax is continually employed, which in turn eases the entire process of coding for the planned project. The JS library consists of several functions consisting of elements that transform the HTML components into essential functions and makeover the entire project so that it is easy to comprehend. 

2. Components Support

ReactJS is a string blend of JavaScript and HTML tags. The employability of the HTML tags and JS codes make it easy to work with a vast set of data having the document object model. At this time, ReactJS functions as a mediator which stands for the DOM and helps to assess which component is in need of changes to get the exact results.

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3. SEO-friendly

React JS was brought into form post immense research and advancements by Facebook. Innately, it differentiates itself from the crowd and permits developers to craft amazing, SEO-friendly user interfaces across browsers and engines.

4. Proficient Data Binding

ReactJS professes one-way data binding. This obviously means that almost anyone can assess all the changes inflicted to any specific segment of the data. This is the epitome of its simplicity.

5. Intuitive

ReactJS is intuitive and offers interactivity to the layout of any UI. Also, it offers quick and fine quality application development that in addition saves time for both – clients and developers.

6. Declarative

ReactJS provides valuable data changes which lead to automatic alteration in the distinct parts of user interfaces. Abiding by this progressive functionality, there is no extensive function that you aid to perform to update your user interface.

7. Reusable Components

ReactJS offers reusable components that deliver the developers the opportunity to reuse and create a new application. Reusability is just like an exact life-saving solution for developers. This platform also acts as a perfect medium for the developers and gives the freedom to reuse the components prebuilt for some other application that shares the same functionality. Henceforth, easing the development effort and provisioning a flawless performance.


  • JavaScript coding made easier
  • Highly competent
  • Best cross-platform support
  • Manages dependencies
  • Easier Template designing 
  • Offers excellent developer tools
  • UI enabled designs
  • Quick to adopt

To sum up:

As far you’re clear about the merits and best practices of the ReactJS framework, it should emerge to you as no big alarming surprise that a majority of the giants and middle-companies are leveraging ReactJS development company to design their website’s user interfaces.

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