Top Web Trends to look out for in 2021

Despite the circumstances in 2020, we all did our best to move forward through it all. Many of us took the time to learn new skills and we’re all spending more time online now. With this, the website trends have also changed to accommodate changing consumer behaviour, intent and needs. 2021’s website trends will be a blend of digital innovations and minimalistic concepts. 

Designs with concise copy, minimalistic approach and soothing colours win the minds of visitors giving them a cool and classy feel. As people are viewing the screen for long hours continuously, they may experience eye strain. Abstract shapes and arts are now taking the place of stock photography and figure illustrations, and colour schemes are now being used by designers to be easier on the eyes. The dark mode that came in the last year became popular as it could counteract the overwhelming whiteness everywhere. Many subtle colours coming at once give warmth, making it expressive and alive. This year, the designers might bring out something not as extreme as too dark and too light. Minimalistic motion designs including geometric primitives as simple as squares and circles with sophisticated interactions easily draw the attention of the viewers. Colour scheme changes and animated transitions are coming into popularity in scrolling transitions.

Detailed data visualization and infographics give clear and easy to understand data, saving the visitors’ time. Pentagram released a bunch of ‘happy data’ amid all the bad news about the pandemic like the increase in volunteers, decrease in air pollution, development of vaccines against coronavirus in different countries and more.

Online shopping is becoming more convenient, but when it comes to non-generic items like clothes and furniture, it wouldn’t be easy to make decisions. The dimensions and proportions would remain unclear. To make things easier, e-commerce websites have introduced large detailed 3D images which can be rotated in 360 degrees. Apple’s AirPods Pro and IKEA have implemented this method to keep their website more interactive. 

These trends would influence and shape the development of the web this year.