Must-Follow Ecommerce Remarketing Strategies to Generate Leads!

Ecommerce remarketing is not rocket science that will put your brain into a jigsaw puzzle! It’s quite a simple concept, but it works! 

Weft, the best digital marketing agency in  Kerala would love to simplify it for you as: Remarketing is the process by which you finally get the second chance to convert your potential consumers into successfully buying your product or service. 

What’s Remarketing?

Ecommerce Remarketing strategies

This may be the audience who directly interacted with your website or clicked on your ad but didn’t fulfill the course of action. Besides making another trial at conversions you are on the fairer end of receiving a boosted brand awareness coupled with a higher marketing return on investment. 

What’s Remarketing? 

Remarketing can be done by assessing the pixels and cookies that have been employed to record the user behaviour from the moment they land on your page till the final slot they leave. 

To keep it simple, how often a message is popped up or heard by the same audience, the more probable it turns out to be successful.

This could be taken into account as the sole reason why remarketing is the cornerstone of every traditional marketing campaign and is still pursued by all resourceful advertisers effectively from Google to Facebook.

Compiled list of Ecommerce Remarketing strategies

Some of the most creative strategies that have been employed by the retargeting services provided by digital marketing companies to boost your conversions across channels are:

Let’s get started.

1. Don’t miss out on any site visitors from your target list.

Though it may not grant you the luxury of the most narrowed list promising actual conversions,  it will definitely reward you with a list of people who bothered to have at least a minimal interest in the products offered. But, it’s worthwhile to not include immediate bouncers.

2. Restrict yourself from adding the remarketing code to multiple web pages. Home page serves the purpose! 

This is quite a simple way to target all visitors who land on your website via your homepage. Those who landed there would be either from a referral link or organic search.

3. Make sure you add the remarketing code to your YouTube channel.

Follow that personnel who have previously viewed a tutorial or instructional video showcasing your product. Obviously, a pop-up of an ad from the recently viewed company that presented you with a great tutorial can serve as a ticket to a conversion.

4. Include multiple remarketing tags converging with certain products or categories to display multiple ads to site visitors.

For instance, a jewelry store can send retargeted earrings ads to anyone searching for earring products and send ads targeted to site visitors for those who searched for bangle products.

5. Timeline the retargeting efforts at periodic intervals.

For example, retarget audiences who glanced at your shopping cart but have not yet done the purchase so far, with a break of 15 days or 30 days can be given a FOMO attack! This just needs you to craft specific ads tailored to close the deal: last-chance offers, last opportunity to get a product at the original price, and many more exciting deals.

6.  Evaluate your industry.

If you run a Xmas store business of renting cribs, fairy lights, stars, for instance, retargeting the same prospects several months later during mid-April likely won’t bear any fruits. Always have the purchasing cycle in mind as you begin publishing retargeting ads.

7. You can have much more than the standard keyword list.

Try to include extra search terms (for instance, comparison or reviews) so that you get to target consumers who have failed to get converted but are sailing along the sales funnel.

8. Don’t miss out on the cookies.

Each remarketing list needs 500 cookies visitors prior to the ads get displayed. If your site has seemingly low traffic, a shopping cart abandonment campaign may not be as eventful as you think it to be. Always run the campaign on a broader audience.

9. Think wisely about retargeting ads to upsell from a primary service or product to a premium version.

For instance, a web hosting company selling basic free hosting services can retarget its users to upsell to elevated price points for advanced functionality.

10. Lookout for customers who have recently purchased similar items at a phase when a related product is available.

Also, when a movie or book when one of a similar genre or subject matter is released.

To sum up

In spite of the best marketing efforts, a rational proportion of consumers would actually buy the product at first click. Hence retargeting is the need of the hour if you need professional best PPC management in Kerala in running your remarketing campaigns Weft, Google Adwords agency in Kochi can help you!