5 SEO Shortcuts to increase organic traffic!

The three-lettered magical term that can work wonders for you in terms of site rankings and organic traffic is undoubted, SEO! 

SEO is not a stationed, immobile process, but a periodic, continuous process for which the SEO experts should fall in peace with the agenda that Google updates its algorithm at a steady pace and one should reflect the changes as well to position themselves on the top of SERP! 

Weft has a giveaway of 5 crucial tips for a better site ranking and organic traffic! 

1.Incorporate an SSL

Security is the top priority lately and with a lot of data breaches making the headlines, Google looks out for SSL certificates, which is undeniably a significant ranking factor for Google. Henceforth, Google is marking websites that are potentially insecure and have an HTTP connection instead of HTTPS with a “Site Not Secure” warning.

2.Quality Content and Internal Linking 

Google tends to place a top-notch priority on websites that provide insightful and valuable information and are content-rich. A quick tip from Weft Technologies is that you should strive to continuously update your site with uniquely crafted blog posts periodically, as it grants you the option to publish lengthy content, transit to be an authoritarian voice in your key industry and forget not to add suitable and top searched keywords proportionately in your site.

Another trait that should never be missed by any business is internal linking, which, in simple terms, means linking one post on your site to other pages on your website. It lifts your site ranking and distributes some ranking power across pages and in addition it also permits Google to crawl more pages on your site. 

If you have worries over how to potentially do it so, a reputable digital marketing agency in Kerala, Weft Technologies will effortlessly do internal linking to the exact pages.

3.GMB Optimization

Local SEO is altogether a plain new game plan in its entirety as its main focus is laid on GMB Optimization and upgrading Local Rankings. If you want to grow your business multifold, Weft suggests that you need to first upgrade and enhance your website traffic by optimizing your site for local searches. 

Earning backlinks from high-quality sites is a huge reward for your SEO value. What happens to be the real hidden brownie point is that it will reveal to Google that your content is insightful and contextual and that people have laid trust in you as a significant source of information.

Weft Technologies is of the opinion that content creation is one of the most challenging parts of SEO. Inspire of getting hyped about blogging and content creation of content marketing. But, very few understand the real worth and massive potential of content and how it impacts website traffic. 

5.Videos rule the roost

Based on a Forbes survey, the digital video marketing industry alone is worth $135 billion. Also, as the statistics reveal, 76% percent of businesses that employed videos reported finding a visible increase in traffic.

Gone are the days when we could just rely on long textual content, the reality is that videos, images, and other forms of visual content, which are equally crucial for SEO. 

Google pays much significance to informative content, and videos are some of the potential ways to share information. So, in effect, more videos in your blog posts and on your site will be a quick route to elevate your rankings.

Your website rankings and site traffic will visibly grow multifold by embracing the key pointers. But, of course, every business and website remain different from one another, and you may need customizing, tailor-made ways you can to improve your site for better search engine rankings, for which you can avail the expert services of an SEO agency, Kochi