Weft Technologies Recognized by Clutch as amongst the Top Web Designers in the UAE in 2020

We just got some exciting news here at Weft Technologies! Our team just received a message from our Clutch analyst informing us that our hard work has led us to be one of the top web designers in all of the UAE for 2020 by Clutch! We’re a IT company with a strong focus on design and development– more important than ever for small businesses in 2020!

“Entire team is thrilled to be featured in Clutch. As we were relying only on conventional b2b marketing and we are now concentrating on online verticals to get more leads. This will be the best start for Weft.”

Clutch is the world’s preeminent ratings and reviews platform for providers of B2B services. To be recognized by Clutch is one of the best things a company like us can hear, because Clutch rankings are determined by client reviews! Clutch conducts reviews from independently verified clients from around the world, so that you can feel comfortable as you find service providers for your next purchase of B2B services. Clutch is the gold standard for B2B ratings and reviews!

According to research by Clutch, we’re one of the top IT firms in all of the UAE per their recent web development report! That is why we’re honored to show off our stellar rating average on Clutch! We’ve received glowing reviews from clients from around the world, including a perfect 5.0-star review from the IT Manager of ABC Cargo!

We’re incredibly grateful to Clutch and all our satisfied clients! To find out how you can join their ranks, contact us today!

Grow Your Business Online

What makes an E-Commerce rolling these days?


E-Commerce is inevitable in today’s world. Surviving and thriving throughout this lockdown is not a simple step. Everyone is online these days and don’t you think that it’s the perfect time to take your store online?

Being a small business owner, you might be wondering how to run your business these days. Pouring your heart and soul in everything to build up your store and now you have to shutdown. 

Starting an online business is a long term investment. Grab this recession time for your Online growth. Examine your current product lines and look for gaps and opportunities.

What new customers can you gain via an online store?

Where to start an Online Store?

While choosing a platform, key features to vet out are:

  • Design Options
  • Content Management System
  • SEO
  • Shopping Cart 
  • Payment Systems

Also, look for what additional features can be integrated in the future, such as email campaigns, live chat, and videos.

Don’t stop at your online store! 

Why Branding is vital?

Carry your branding across to your packaging and package inserts, which are a great way to create a unique buying experience.

It’s important to have a consistent brand look, feel and message for your online store. If you’ve never taken the time to develop your logo and brand look to keep it alive, then it’s time to work it out.

  • Whom are you targeting?
  • What is your story?
  • What is the voice of your brand?
  • What is the emotional response you want to draw out in your customers?

The content of your website should use the language and lingo of your customers. Here are key elements to have within your website to help you sell:

 A ‘Rich’ Home Page:

Your home page is where most of your traffic will land, so use the space. Include lots of images so customers can ‘see’ the products in action. 

Here are a few more tips on how to create a stellar home page:

  • Make it mobile-friendly. 
  • Include a phone number or form for customers to contact you.
  • Put the shopping cart in the right-hand corner of the header (for easy access).
  • Make the search bar big to find what they are searching for.
  • Product Descriptions. 
  • Why Buy From Us? ( for brand differentiator factor) 
  • FAQs. (Answer common questions that may be holding someone back from purchasing, such as those related to shipping costs, return policy, sizing, how-tos, etc)
  • Check Out. 

We design and develop custom e-commerce solutions that increase conversion rates and online visibility to your brand.