Online Shopping Trends to Watch Out This Holiday Season!

The upcoming year-end celebrations in India are providing a ray of hope to the Indian people. We’re seeing cautious optimism among consumers as the country rebounds from the second wave of COVID-19.

Every day, we receive hundreds of millions of shopping-related searches, and we’ve noticed three subtle variations in Indian customers’ online activity since last year.

Brands should be aware of three micro-shifts while connecting with India this Christmas season. Weft, an e-commerce website development agency, shares some insights! 

Micro-changes in Indian Shopping Behaviour

In India, there are three major changes in consumer behaviour: Being open to new companies and shopping experiences while also prioritising convenience and relying on honest and relevant content. 

1. They’re open to new ideas, but convenience takes precedence.

The number of internet shoppers in India is rapidly increasing. In 2020, 45 million of the 177 million online shoppers were doing so for the first time. Sixty-five percent of buyers went online to purchase a product they had previously purchased in a store, whereas more than half of Indian consumers purchased from a brand or store they had never visited.

Indian buyers are eager to try new things! 

However, as much as Indian customers are drawn to new items, they still value convenience. More than 70% of consumers say they’re willing to pay more for conveniences like online inventory checks, reliable delivery, and click-and-collect services, and they’re relying on new digital services for conveniences like these. 

2. People value genuine content that is relevant to their needs.

In their effort to learn something or make a decision, Indians seek out valuable and authentic content. More than half of Indian shoppers use video to come up with original ideas and learn more about businesses, products, and services. In addition, 85 percent of people purchased something after watching a YouTube advertisement.

In India, shoppers are also spending more time watching YouTube videos about finance, online shopping, and villas.

Unsurprisingly, online influencers are assisting people in making their next major or small decision.

Shoppers in India are watching more of their favourite content on YouTube! 

Given this shift in behaviour, brands who deliver valuable and engaging content will be able to interact with individuals on a deeper level. Flipkart, India’s own e-commerce portal, used this knowledge to reach out to Indian buyers during The Big Billion Days, one of the country’s most anticipated shopping events.

3. More digital purchasing opportunities are desired 

Customers’ expectations of buying experiences are being influenced by India’s recent inflow of internet shoppers. They want firms that sell both online and offline to function as digital showrooms, offering services like contactless shopping, various payment choices, and free and reliable shipping.

Because of these rising consumer expectations, firms must give more than just deals and tempting offers over the holiday season. They must give shoppers a digital ecosystem that ensures a secure and trustworthy purchasing experience. Payment and shipping are two areas where they can improve the shopping experience.

 Ending Note

India’s life may not be back to normal just yet, but companies can help people over the year-end holiday season. With this data on crucial micro-shifts in shopper behaviour, brands can better plan their year-end holiday marketing strategy with Weft, a digital marketing company in Kerala, and provide a safe digital buying experience for customers in India with this data.

8 Essential Factors to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we live to unparalleled levels and we remain plugged into the phones in this millennial age. From Motorola to iPhone 13 Pro, we have seen various updations come over and they have become compact settling to our pocket sizes! 

iOS App Development

Android or IOS? 

How to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile App Development?

From making calls to texting to exploring the whole wide world made available at your fingertips with the Internet, we started making applications that could ease our otherwise tiring and time-consuming paperwork. 

We live in an age where we are used to the saying ” There’s an app for that ” So, don’t you feel like you should start an app store for your business before it’s too late! Our company, Weft Technologies has a team of efficient developers who decipher the ideation behind innovative app development for companies who aspire to a desirable profitable graph and unparalleled success.

Making the decision to invest in a mobile app is a BIG one.  Make sure you make the right choice! And right choice begins with choosing the right developer team. Because understanding the essentials behind identifying the right platform, is the developer’s first priority! If one wants to flaunt their product and services easily with robust mobile features, it’s best to choose end-to-end android app development

iOS App Development

One may boost their brand appeal with iOS app development services and own a mobile app with dynamic features like easily portable, user friendly with best app development and Only expert developers can arrive at this decision perfectly! 

Gain an edge with online turnkey marketplace solutions, digital enablements, design and development services, and growth solutions with our mobile application development services. 

We deliver custom-built Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps that all include all of your custom-tailored business requirements at affordable rates.

When it comes to making a choice between Android or iOS, Weft helps you out! 

Android or IOS? 

Android App Developmentafter-service support.

Weft has compiled a list of essential factors that should be taken into account prior to choosing a platform for your mobile app, as a developer! 

How to Choose the Right Platform for Mobile App Development?

1) Intuitive – First things first! The tool’s development interface must inevitably be intuitive and easy to use. Developers should beforehand test any tool – by conducting a free trial — prior to advancing to a swift purchase.

2) Development costs – Development tools can appear to be expensive, and there are times when external modules are required to get key functionality.  Make sure the platform can do what it says and that the pricing is predictable as you scale.

3) App Lifecycle – Soon after an app is deployed, developers are left with the part to test, host, deploy, maintain and analyze its usage throughout its lifecycle. As a result, it’s important for developers to consider the long-term capabilities and long-term costs of tools.

4) Security – Before choosing a tool, you should make sure that your admin has checked the device’s built-in security controls since authenticity and privacy are critical.

5) Integral – We should be well intact with how well the mobile app development tool integrates with the systems and services that show high engagement with the application throughout its lifecycle. 

6) Masterly Expertise – Developers must have adequate knowledge about the skill set they’ll need to deploy the product and about the sample apps, professional services, or training are offered by the vendor. It’s best to understand the engagement and activity of the products’ user community as well.

7) Application Type – An application should be made understandable to an extent where a buyer must consider the type of apps they eventually need, whether they need simple web apps or more complex mobile – or hybrid – apps that perform more like native apps. Based on what your organization needs, make sure the tool can meet your requirements with an outstanding user experience.

8) End Delivery – Not everything gets wrapped up when apps make their way into production.   Dependable and scalable apps should be the top priority.  Apps will need updating based on changing requirements and end-user feedback.  Developers must keep an eye for faster and better upgrades, updates, availability, scalability, and performance.

Behind Every Great App is a Great Idea! 

Weft, an app development company in Kochi is a focused, creative, strategic, and game-changer with proven expertise in app designing.

Hire web developers from Weft Technologies who have masterly expertise in the latest web technologies like PHP, Laravel, Magento, ReactJS, front-end technologies like AngularJS, and back-end technologies like Node.js to build customized and responsive web applications.

Making New Feats and Sharing Weft Insights!

November is best known for Thanksgiving. Weft, mobile development company India, take this auspicious month into an account for sharing the accolades we have garnered over the years to our dear readers and well-wishers.

It’s with sheer pleasure that we share that we have been listed in a renowned online business expo magazine portal that features the cover story of every successful startup in our hometown. 

An insightful Weft meets Insights!

Insights’ writeup has raised us to a pedestal for our contributions made to the technical sphere and digital transformation of our hometown. 

We are ecstatic about our accomplishments and have a huge clientele in the UAE. We are so proud of our hometown clientele and are elated to be a part of their digital transformation journey and their continued association with us for their branding requirements and growth hacking strategy planning. 

Though we were testing the new waters, we were assured of the fact that Kerala, has firayed a set of favorable policies for startup mission and budding IT companies. This made us launch our company effortlessly. Since the demand for digital innovation was at its peak, we were having a favorable time connecting with our target audience. 

Now, we are quite reminiscent of how we started and our thought process went like this: 

With a lot of techie biggies running their branches in and around Kerala, there was never a need for a second thought, since we were assured of the fact that digital needs were flourishing among the Kerala audience. 

We found that the stagnation of the growth curve in digital innovation was a problem. It needed the right solution and we were ready to do our part to make a difference. 

Our director, Nidhin Ravi, has also shared some insights on how Kerala is progressing as an emerging business hub. Let’s see! 

Kerala as an Emerging Hub of Business

Kerala has flourished its tourism industry to unparalleled levels that we got tagged as “God’s own country”. But lately, the Kerala state government has diverged their keen interests in tourism development to entrepreneurial dreams and visions. 

Kerala has witnessed a boom in entrepreneurship lately with budding startups and innovative ideas. Students from APJ Abdul Kalam University making breakthroughs by self-creating oximeters affordably made headlines and this is the culture medium for the youth to invest their energy and skills to solve potential problems of society innovatively. 

With Keralites accepting innovation that can make their lives easier and remaining open to creative solutions to the existing problems, trying out something new will never be a blooper in the land of Kerala. 

As Covid gripped Kerala, it was quite a pride to see many women entrepreneurs employing their best culinary and baking skills to generate revenue. Many used their creative skills to generate side revenue which also boosted their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

As many went jobless, so many were pushed to start something that could be their livelihood and now, are quite impressed by the turnover. 

With many Emirati and European, US returnees, Kerala has also become a hub of highly skilled manpower which delivers a highly skilled workforce that is readily employable. 

Kerala remains open to all sorts of creative collaborations and innovative solutions and we just need to contribute with our dedicated efforts and results will surely be favorable without a doubt! 


If you would like to add or highlight any other interesting insights that we might have missed out in our questionnaire, please feel free to do so.

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Ending notes

As we know, lockdowns have also resulted in many stagnant projects that could have been launched by now and we should all strive together to come out of this situation victoriously as united as we can and hope for better times ahead!