Weft Technologies Receives Another Review on Clutch

Many software, design, and development companies are in-demand nowadays since most businesses are doing transactions online regardless of the industry. Of course, the competition is high and companies choose them based on their expertise and experience, as well as the budget for smaller ones. The good thing is that there are vendors that provide services based on the budget without compromising quality.

Technology isn’t work at Weft, it is a way of life.

At Weft Technologies, we are always busy cooking up unique ideas to meet your business expectations. We are a diverse team of world-class designers, web and mobile developers, marketers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists, providing foolproof solutions to safeguard your company from pitfalls.

We have worked with the world’s top companies from startups to Fortune companies. Now, with an ongoing collaboration with one of our clients, we would like to showcase another positive review we have received on the Clutch platform.

Clutch is an established B2B reviews platform based in Washington, DC that helps firms across the globe connect with the solution providers that they need in order to improve effectiveness and increase productivity.

Our newest review came from a media creation and IT services firm where we are currently providing web and app support, handling all the technical aspects of their projects. Here’s what they say about our continuous support:

“We haven’t found any glitches or problems in their deliverables — they always do quality work.” – Project Manager, WebRickshaw Media LLC

Apart from Clutch, a new B2B platform from – Top Design Firms featured us in their platform as one of the top design companies. TDF helps companies to showcase their work and allows buyers to find the right marketing, design, and development firms for their next project.
People may not be aware that they are using products that we helped build. We let our works do the talk about our brands. We work to strike the balance between what works for you while employing the benefits of globalization. If you love to talk digital, we’d love to hear from you!

Advantages of On-Demand Healthcare Mobile Apps in 2022!

There were days when you could make a doctor’s appointment as simple as calling your doctor’s office. All we needed to do was to talk to the scheduler and make an appointment with the doctor.

But with the onset of the ever-so naggingly persistent Coronavirus, which has been a complete “show-stopper” for two years, along with variants sprouting up every second hour, things have changed dramatically. And it’s quite obvious that the healthcare industry went through a complete transformation and some challenging times. 

There have been many heart-wrenching headlines stating how chronically ill patients resigned themselves to their fates without getting proper medical attention when they were gravely ill. With social distancing becoming one of the key preventive measures to keep the epidemic under control, travel restrictions were put into effect and hospital visits were cut down, worsening the plight of a number of patients. 

When things started getting out of hand, the government took the IT department as the last resort, and an array of healthcare apps were published in the app store for the welfare of the public and quick access to medical facilities. 

So let’s see how healthcare apps have been a ray of hope for the public so far! Weft, a mobile app development company in India, shares insights! 

Benefits Of On-Demand Healthcare Mobile Apps

Instant medical care: Users of the medical mobile app should be able to receive immediate medical treatment using the app. They should be able to utilise the app anywhere and at any time to provide advanced healthcare tools to patients. doctor

Doctor’s appointment: With these medical mobile applications, you can make a doctor’s appointment at any time. Doctors will be able to book appointments based on their availability as well. They can even reschedule the appointment if both parties have an emergency.

Quick contacts: Mobile medical apps aid in the enhancement of a hospital’s brand value. They can target a growing number of clients by using their contact information and user information.

Helps in Emergencies: Doctors can use this medical mobile app to keep patients informed and satisfied. Because of the app’s transparency, it also assists patients in finding nearby available doctors in the event of an emergency. In such circumstances, the patient does not have to wait for long periods of time and can schedule appointments more quickly. 

Promotions: Hospitals will use the healthcare applications to reach out to individuals via SMS and email to notify them about the offerings and services they provide. They can keep their clients informed about their appealing offers and complimentary services. Patients benefit from feedback forms and ideas since they assist hospitals and doctors in improving their services.

There are hundreds of apps and many healthcare app development companies on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular medical apps.

List Top Healthcare Mobile Apps

Apps for Android: 

Medscape is an Android medical app with a variety of features such as current news feeds, drug information, basic medical tools, and more. It is beneficial to both learners and professionals.

Another popular app for doctors and patients is Doctor on Demand. This mobile medical app aids in the search for a nearby medical service provider. Finding a doctor at any time of day can provide preliminary treatment. It includes a lot of functions, including texting, email, QR codes, and a payment system.

Epocrates is a fully professional app that provides information on medicine identification, new drugs, and more. It is suitable for both doctors and patients.

 Apps for iOS:

Lifesum was created to assist folks who desire to live a healthy lifestyle. It contains incredible features such as a daily fitness plan, a periodic health assessment, and a meal tracker, among others. This app is compatible with all Apple devices, including the Apple Watch and Apple Health.

Doctors that specialize in cardiology benefit from BBH Heart. This app is simple to use and includes advanced news from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association.

The latest trends in the mobile apps for the healthcare industry, as enlisted by Weft, a software development company in Kerala, are as follows: 

Apps for Personal Healthcare

These apps are designed to keep track of the user’s personal health status. It keeps track of your daily steps, calorie intake, water consumption, heart rate, and more. These apps are frequently connected via a wearable device or gadget.

Solutions for Fitness

The growth of fitness apps is the next big thing in digital healthcare. Exercise routines are included in these healthcare remedies. Expert fitness coaches teach live and recorded classes.


While telemedicine was once cutting-edge technology, it is now a common choice among patients and clinicians. Patients and doctors can share information using telemedicine apps.

Remote health monitoring

To create remote health apps, healthcare app development businesses use some of the best healthcare app development frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails and Django. These healthcare solutions are centred on using on-demand mobile apps to monitor patients’ health.

Apps for Productivity

Productivity apps are becoming increasingly important as more people work from home. They’re part of a mental health and wellbeing routine. Ruby and Python, for example, are useful for developing productivity tools in the healthcare industry.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs): 

Since their debut, EHRs have been a top priority in digital healthcare. The game has changed, though, with the arrival of Blockchain technology. The health data of a patient is more secure, decentralized, and less vulnerable to data fraud.

To wrap up 

As a result, on-demand Healthcare Mobile Apps have become an indispensable part of the lives of both doctors and patients. These apps enable them to collaborate and engage as and when required at their leisure, allowing patients to live a healthy lifestyle free of illness.