Top 8 Benefits of Using White Space in UI Design

A living room furnished with a pair of vintage Jacques Adnet club chairs and a rosewood chiffonier is just enough to leave a “first impression” of exquisitely done house decor, just at the moment we step into the house. 

Likewise, at the first click of a website link, it opens doors to the “first impression” of an intuitive, user-centric website, which is the dedicated work of a UI designer. 

As we scroll through the year’s award-winning UI designs, one thing that stands out is the use of decluttered UI designs with appropriately proportioned white space.

The importance of leaving white space while wireframing is a crucial segment, and if you are that one UI designer who is still hitting roadblocks in deciding how to leave whitespace significantly in a UI design, Weft, one of the best UI/UX design companies in Kochi, is ready to drop hints! Follow the cue to find out more! 

Whitespace improves both the UI and the UX of a website. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons compiled by Weft, a software development company in Kerala, why white space is so important in UI/UX design!

 It makes a valid point. 

What happens if you separate a design component with whitespace? Our brains used to place a lot of emphasis on design elements that were surrounded by whitespace. After all, the negative space provides visual cues as to where you should be looking, as well as enough buffer space surrounding a component for your brain to digest it quickly.

 Improving Comprehension

The use of whitespace in a design makes it easy to skim the material and greatly improves legibility.

 Directs your users’ attention 

Whitespace design can assist you in guiding the eyes of your consumers. This can be accomplished by condensing the content of your page into less than 15 points. Then decide on the priority order for those 15 points. The first point may be a logo, the second might be a navigation bar, the third could be a hero image, the fourth could be a text paragraph, and so on.

 Interaction Rate: Maximized 

According to surveys, the average attention span of an internet user is 6 seconds. By emphasizing the Call to Actions, efficient use of whitespace aids the UI design in getting the message over to consumers quickly and maximizing the possibilities of interaction. As a result, designers must establish communication channels between consumers and the design, and whitespace can be extremely useful in this regard.

The Proximity Principle in Gestalt 

The Gestalt Principle of Proximity maintains that consumers link closely related components with the same characteristics. You must keep your group-related components close together in order to successfully execute this notion. It involves

Opulence and sophistication. 

When employed to create a specific look or atmosphere, whitespace can become a key design feature. We associate a lot of whitespace with refinement and elegance, so applying it effectively could be a way to incorporate these connections into your design.

Makes Use of Imagination: 

When users perceive whitespace in a user interface design, it allows their imaginations to run wild, resulting in a stronger emotional response. Human minds have an innate need to evaluate things, which creates a narrative between what you see and how you can comprehend it.

Displays the Hierarchy of Visuals

Whitespace allows you to emphasize the visual hierarchy of your page’s components. Consider increasing or decreasing margins and padding to give greater emphasis to key elements. Ensure that vital components, like CTAs, are placed in areas where they stand out.

To wrap up

Whitespace not only creates balance, and harmony, and aids in brand design, but it can also be used to guide a reader from one piece to the next. The main goal is to make the website look clearer and easier to navigate, as well as to provide information that visitors will appreciate and like. I hope this helps the budding UI developers! 

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare businesses are delivering a roaring bang in the marketplace, with a number of diagnostic centers, therapeutic centers, and healthcare centers allying the frontier. Most can be found providing their service palette from booking appointments to availing of diagnostic results through mobile apps. Healthcare mobile app development has drastically increased. 

In this roaring spread, it’s quite likely for many businesses to go unnoticed, and they need sound marketing strategies and plans. The situation has turned out to be in a phase where if it’s not digital, it’s not marketing either. 

Why do we need digital marketing for healthcare businesses? 

1. Generates three times the return on investment as traditional marketing.

2. In a year, healthcare video marketers generate 66 percent more targeted leads.

3. A digital content marketing strategy is used by 83 percent of health organizations.

4. A blog is maintained by 58 percent of health marketers.

After having successfully chartered and executed various marketing campaigns for healthcare businesses, Weft Technologies, providing the best digital marketing services in Kerala, has compiled a list of various noteworthy milestones that one should not miss while planning a digital marketing campaign idea for healthcare businesses. 

Build a Mobile-Optimized Website.

Do you make an attempt to improve your website on a regular basis? If you haven’t already, now is the moment. Because, despite the fact that healthcare is a service industry, your website is your company’s online face. As a result, it’s critical to keep a positive image here as well.

Place a Premium on Organic Visibility.

What is the use of having a website if no one visits it? You must publish valid and keyword-optimized content in order to increase traffic. This is when the significance of SEO comes into play (Search Engine Optimization). In the long run, these efforts will result in consistent traffic to your website.

Create a visually appealing social media profile.

Maintaining a strong presence across all internet platforms is critical. There are various ways for you to make your presence known on the website. It’s also important to keep your company’s social media profiles current and updated, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Keeping your profiles up to date might help you win your audience’s trust.

Paid Promotions Cannot Be Missed!

Healthcare, unlike other industries, is more personal and requires highly targeted marketing. The target audience should be able to effortlessly relate to the message you’re delivering. You must keep in mind that the audience here could be general, seeking specific information, or in need of emergency assistance. As a result, it’s critical to know who your target market is.

 Video content is the most sellable! 

This decade has seen a surge in the popularity of video promotions. A video’s impact can outshine that of any other medium. People find films very entertaining, which is why they are so crucial in healthcare. Sharing videos of your patients’ testimonials can encourage more potential patients to schedule consultations with you.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses 

If you’re thinking about starting or changing your digital marketing strategy, you’ll need to figure out the best marketing mix for your company. You can contact our specialists at Weft, a digital marketing agency in Kochi if you have any questions about how to get the most out of your healthcare business through digital marketing.

Top 10 Payment Gateways in India for React Native Apps

Browsing through the endless list of accessories from her favourite brand online store, Riya has finally made up her mind and has proceeded to buy. While the page shows redirecting to her bank account, she is quite relieved at the seamless checkout experience and how comforting it is to finally get to ditch the long queues! 

Just like Riya, there are millions across the world who have benefited from a secure payment gateway and transformed their shopping experience through a single window! 

Weft, a native app development company, has compiled a list of secure payment gateways. 

Payment Gateways in India for React Native Apps

1) Instamojo Payment Gateway

Instamojo is an Indian company that specialises in the sale of digital items and the collection of online payments. This is one of India’s most popular and simple payment gateways.

2) Payment Gateway EBSEBS (Electronic Billing Solutions) is the first Indian merchant account provider to meet the PCI DSS 3.0 compliance standards.

3) CCAvenue.

CCAvenue is one of India’s first payment gateways. Almost every bank and payment method is supported by CCAvenue. It’s dependable, secure, and popular with high-volume eCommerce sites like Snapdeal.

4) Payment Gateway via PayPal

PayPal is a global payment platform, available in 200+ countries across the world. PayPal claims to have processed 4 billion payments in 2014.

5) Citrus Payment Gateway

Citrus also offers a wallet service to its customers. Citrus is utilized by over 1500 businesses, including Airtel, PVR, Etihad Airways, GoAir, Tata, Lenskart, and Delhi Metro, to name a few.6) 

6) PayUbiz is a payment gateway.

PayUbiz is one of the most widely utilised payment gateway providers, with numerous e-commerce solution providers using it. Large companies like Snapdeal, Jabong, Bookmyshow, Ola, Cleartrip, Redbus, GoIbibo, Zomato, and others use PayUbiz.

7) Atom Paynet Payment Gateway

The FT Group promotes Atom, and its primary clients are in the fields of education, government services, and travel and tourism.

8) ZaakPay Payment Gateway

Customers can personalise their package based on the estimated volume per month, and it accepts both web and mobile payments. It has a one-of-a-kind transaction day +1 clearing mechanism.

9) Payment Gateway DirecPay

DirecPay is a fantastic payment gateway provider for many internet businesses since it allows them to focus on sales rather than payment processing. It provides plans that are reasonably priced.

10) The Emvantage Payment Gateway 

Payment Gateway is a payment gateway developed by Emvantage.

EMVANTAGE is a well-known payment gateway in India, with high transaction success rates in the country. It accepts a variety of payment methods and accepts prepaid cards such as Rupay and others.

Secure Online Payment App Development

Weft, an app development company in India, has delivered a plethora of high-featured mobile applications over the years with high encryption and secure payment gateways. If you have any queries about mobile app development, hire the mobile app development experts from Weft!