Benefits of using the mobile apps for logistics industry!

Just as James settles down with his hot, piping cup of coffee and his evening daily, a pop-up on his mobile appears, saying his order of low-fat cheese grilled sandwich is just a street away! And he gets lost in the thought of the discussion he had with his wife in the morning regarding the shipment that they had sent to their distant niece and how handy it would have been to track the progress… if only the logistics company had an APP! 

Woah, here comes a pain point from the customer base, and don’t you think a logistics company should own an app to execute shipping and deliveries to ensure they are done in an accurate and timely manner? 

Weft, Mobile app development company, will help you address the pain point and give you a fair understanding of how an app can be advantageous for a logistics and transportation company.

It states that companies in the logistics industry were among the first to use mobile solutions to monitor and supervise their activities. So had they been before? 

Yes, and Weft Technologies is very proud to be a part of the digital transformation journey for ABC Cargo, a well-established logistics and door-to-door company in the UAE, and to have built a mobile app that allows consumers to track their deliveries in real-time.

Just like the layers of an onion, there are so many fruitive attributes that a mobile app can add to your logistics and transportation company. Let’s see them! 

  • Existing paper-based processes can be automated.

Paperwork order forms and service orders are frequently misplaced or become incomplete, inaccurate, or illegible. Delivery agents can collect data using mobile apps and mobile forms and save it in the company’s database or on their mobile devices.

  • Monitoring of results

For logistics organizations, visibility is critical, and mobile solutions may assist managers in overseeing operations like load management, load planning, and transportation efficiency. Companies can also use visibility to close performance gaps, improve agility, foresee difficulties, and make data-driven business decisions.

  • Vehicles are being tracked.

Logistics organisations can track cars and freight using mobile technologies. It is now possible to trace a parcel on a meter-by-meter, second-by-second basis, allowing you to keep track of the delivery process and not only spot problems as they develop, but also foresee them before they occur.

  • Adaptable Process of delivery 

You may adjust delivery schedules and routes on the fly with mobile solutions, giving your company a lot of flexibility. Increasing control over their supply chains boosts client retention and opens up new avenues for collaboration between logistics providers and consumers.

  • Information in real-time. 

Logistics organisations may improve their supply chains by using mobile forms and apps to collect real-time data that allows drivers to report any delays or slowdowns in real-time, enhancing dispatch operations, inventory management, record keeping, tracking items, inspections, and more. As a result, businesses will be able to improve their supply chain operations.

  • Save time and money 

You can optimise routes for each driver and save money on gas if your company uses mobile forms instead of paper forms. Mobile logistics apps can help your company run more efficiently while lowering operating expenses by simplifying key activities.

  • Work orders can be sent out quickly.

You can use logistics mobile apps to speed up operations and work orders. You may also optimise dispatches and routes, monitor trips, reduce miles driven, and maximise income with work order software.

  • Seamless Warehouse management 

Logistics encompasses not only the transportation and delivery of commodities but also the effective management of warehouses. This is a critical area where all inventories are stored before being shipped to their final destination. Because all of the information will be stored in a database, mobile logistics apps will make it easy to store goods and monitor inventories.

Real-time fleet data anywhere, anytime!

By automating real-time data wherever and at any time, you can improve your overall business experience. Everything will be enhanced with advanced functionality, from managing activities to operating fleets. Follow the link to see how Weft, offering mobile development service, made real-time tracking possible for ABC Cargo customers!